The best hurricane insurance for 2023 (2023)

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As the climate changes, tens of millions of Americans in hurricane-prone areas are seeing an increase in the frequency and severity of these powerful storms. Hurricanes have set new damage records in recent years, with one storm exceeding $125 billion in damage, and the trend doesn't seem to be slowing down.

The Insurance Information Institute estimates that more than 7.1 million homes are at risk of being damaged by hurricanes.If your home is at risk, it's important to implement the right coverage. Your standard home policy may not cover all damage caused by hurricanes, but hurricane policies provide that protection and often match your home insurance coverage. We review hurricane insurance companies based on coverage, location, and more to help you choose the best hurricane insurance for your home.

The best hurricane insurance for 2023

Flood insurance is required to cover the storm associated with a hurricane. Hurricane insurance covers damage caused by severe wind storms.

Best hurricane insurance

Best hurricane insurance

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  • State Farm
  • Relative
  • Lemonade
  • Amigo
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best overall :State Farm

The best hurricane insurance for 2023 (1)

(Video) 2 more property insurance companies scaling back in Florida just 2 weeks into hurricane season

why we choose

We selected State Farm as the top general hurricane insurer because of its extensive network of agents in the most hurricane-prone states, strong financial position, and long history of helping customers navigate the post-hurricane experience.


  • A large insurance company with local agents in most areas

  • Highest possible AM ​​Best A++ strength rating

  • Extensive Hurricane Resources and Experience


  • May not offer the lowest costs in your area

  • Average customer satisfaction ratings for property complaints

Many insurers work in a limited number of states or types of coverage, but State Farm will likely cover you no matter where you are, including hurricane-prone states with the exception of Florida. State Farm has been in business since 1922 and receives top ratings for financial strength and operational performance, making it a solid choice for many insurance needs. If you need to file a claim, State Farm tops J.D. Power's rankings for claims experience.

To obtain hurricane coverage with State Farm, you must sign a standard home policy and a supplemental hurricane insurance policy. Flood insurance is offered through the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP).

As a large insurance company, you can easily find a local agent in many locations. Bundle all your policies (home, auto, life) together for discounts and enjoy the convenience of a unique relationship that truly understands your family's needs. Signing up for a new policy requires a few details and takes little time.

best value :Relative

why we choose

We chose Kin because their policies include hurricane coverage, so you'll only need one home policy, and most new customers save about $500 when they switch.


  • Home insurance policies include coverage for hurricane wind damage

  • Easy online application process

  • Kin says customers save an average of $500 when switching


  • Only available in a limited number of states

  • Relatively new and small insurer with a short track record

(Video) Is Florida's biggest property insurance company ready for hurricane season?

Kin is a relatively new insurance company, founded in 2016. While it only offers insurance in hurricane-prone California and Florida, Kin is keen to include coverage for hurricane wind damage in all home policies and allows you add flood insurance as a passenger to the same policy. Since you don't have to purchase a separate policy for hurricane damage, and since Kin claims the average homeowner saves $500 when switching, it adds a lot of value for people looking to save on insurance.

Kin is primarily an online insurance company, which is great for tech-savvy web users. However, you won't have the same access to face-to-face support that you would with large agent-based insurers. It is not rated by the major financial stability or customer rating agencies, but receives a lower Demotech A (Exceptional) rating and scores 4.8 from over 1,800 reviews on Trustpilot.

It doesn't offer other types of coverage or pack ability, so it's not suitable for everyone. However, a fairly simple and straightforward online application can provide you with a quote in a short amount of time.

Best personal property coverage :Lemonade

why we choose

Lemonade offers quick and easy online home insurance coverage that includes hurricane storm damage coverage for homeowners and renters by default, with a separate deductible for personal effects.


  • Easy online process that gives you granular control over your coverage

  • Strong customer satisfaction and financial stability ratings

  • Hurricane deductible shown during application process


  • Not available in hurricane-prone Florida, Louisiana or Hawaii

If you prefer to take care of everything online, Lemonade is another good option. Lemonade details the homeowner's policy in a way that includes his housing, other structures, personal effects, and loss of use of his home. When you sign up, you will receive an offer specific to your hurricane deductible.

As long as you accept a hurricane deductible for home and property coverage, you are covered for the wind damage that hurricanes bring (does not include flood damage). The app and website do a good job of evaluating your property's coverage and selecting the right coverage.

(Video) Florida's property insurance market is crumbling: what comes next?

If you need to file a complaint, it can be handled by an automated system for faster processing, but you can still call and get help from a human if you prefer. Even as a smaller insurer, Lemonade can still provide robust hurricane coverage for your single-family home or community. It also offers policies for renters, pets and automobiles. Package discounts are available.

Lemonade has Demotech's A rating for financial stability.While not rated for home insurance, it was rated highly for customer satisfaction in J.D. Power's 2022 Renters Insurance Survey.That service likely translates to the homeowner's product as well, and makes it a good overall choice for protecting your property (and home) from hurricanes.

Best supplier on the East Coast :Amigo

why we choose

We like Amica because it's a great insurer that offers flexible policies, including strong coverage for hurricane-related damage in most East Coast states, with the highest customer satisfaction ratings of any major insurer.


  • Operates in many US states with a strong presence on the East Coast

  • Number one insurer in customer satisfaction in J.D. Power's 2022 Property Claims Survey and AM Best's A+ Financial Strength Rating


  • Fairly small physical presence among large insurers

Rhode Island-based Amica traces its roots back to 1907 and is a large, recognizable home insurance company covering the hurricane-prone East Coast. Amica notably earned J.D. Power's 2022 top spot for best property insurance claims satisfaction, a key benchmark for good customer service.Offers homeowners coverage that includes most damage caused by hurricanes, not including floods. Flood insurance is provided by the National Flood Insurance Program.

In addition to insurance coverage, Amica offers customers extensive resources to prepare for a hurricane, mitigate damage and return to normal life after the storm has passed. You can also get other types of insurance from Amica and qualify for various discounts such as bundles, loyalty, self-pay and security discounts. These savings can add up to make Amica the cheapest option in many cases, even if its initial quote is not the lowest.

If you keep a long list of valuables at home, run a business from your home, or want additional catastrophe coverage, you have the option to add these and more to customize your coverage to your needs. Its excellent customer service and excellent, flexible coverage options make Amica a great choice for those on the East Coast, as well as other hurricane regions.

the end result

If you live in an area that could be affected by a future hurricane, it's wise to protect your property with robust hurricane insurance. Whether you're looking for a large, traditional insurer like State Farm or a newer, more high-tech insurance process from an insurer like Kin or Lemonade, there's probably a good option for your needs.

If you're not sure where to start, we like State Farm for its history and reputation and Kin for good value. Just don't leave your property without coverage, or you might regret it.

compare providers

Insurance companywhy we chooseMain benefits
State Farmbest overallA large insurer with a wide network of agents
Relativebest valueOwners policies include hurricane damage
LemonadeBest personal property coverageFast online application with clear hurricane deductible
AmigoBest supplier on the East CoastLarge East Coast presence and customer satisfaction award winner

common questions

What is hurricane insurance?

Hurricane insurance is a type of home insurance that covers damage caused by hurricane winds and rain. When shopping for home insurance, it's important to review exclusions and limitations, such as windstorms, where you may not be covered. When you get home insurance with hurricane coverage, you will typically see wind, rain, and hail covered. However, flood-related damage usually requires a separate policy.

What is the best hurricane insurance provider?

We believe that State Farm provides proven coverage to a large enough segment of the population to make it our top choice. With the exception of Florida, even those who live in hurricane-prone states can get coverage through State Farm.

(Video) Florida property insurance market remains shaky as new hurricane season begins

The insurer has been in business since 1922 and earns top ratings for financial strength, giving policyholders confidence in the company's stability and reliability.

Does home insurance cover damage caused by hurricanes?

No, in many cases home insurance does not cover hurricane damage. Review your policy documents or contact your insurer to see if you are covered. Some policies, like Kin's mentioned above, include hurricanes. But you shouldn't assume that your insurance includes hurricane coverage by default.

A separate windstorm deductible is required for hurricane coverage with some insurance companies. As these deductibles can be substantial, it is wise to review these details carefully well in advance of any hurricane so that you know you are covered.

Is the storm covered by hurricane insurance?

Storms are generally not covered by hurricane insurance. Home and hurricane insurance generally only covers water that comes from above, such as rain or possibly a broken pipe. If the damage is flood-related, such as a storm, you will usually need additional flood insurance.

The easiest way for most people to obtain flood insurance is throughNational Flood Insurance Program, which is administered by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).

How much does hurricane insurance cost?

Hurricane insurance can be included in your home insurance policy, a standalone hurricane insurance policy, or a packaged policy including home, windstorm, and flood coverage.

Home and hurricane insurance costs vary widely based on home value, location, risk of loss, and other factors. For homes with a high risk of hurricane damage, you may see higher costs than in low risk areas.

How we rate hurricane insurers

To choose the best hurricane insurance, we reviewed more than two dozen insurance companies for hurricane-specific policies and coverage. To win top spots overall or in a specific category, insurers must offer home insurance or specific hurricane insurance policies that cover typical hurricane damage. In addition, we focus on cost, customer satisfaction, new customer enrollment experience, and other factors of the hurricane insurance policy.

The best hurricane insurance for 2023 (5)

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