Use "closer" in a sentence (2023)


(1)the dog camecloserfor me

(2)the ball rolledcloserfor me

(3)Let's walkcloserto the water.

(4)let's movecloserto the stage.

(5)Let's takecloserto the rainbow.

(6)you can movecloserfor advice?

(7)The bird flewcloserto the tree.

(8)You can comecloserto the table?

(9)The bird flewcloserto your nest.

(10)Carry on, you're gettingcloser!

Phrase for "closer"

(11)You can comecloserfor the camera?

(12)The finish line is gettingcloser.

(13)you can movecloserto the window?

(14)the cat movedcloserto the mouse.

(15)the cat crawledcloserto the mouse.

(16)The bird flewcloserto the window.

(17)the moon is gettingclosercomplete.

(18)the ball rolledcloserto the goal.

(19)Let's walkcloserto the waterfall.

(20)you can movecloserto your friend?

"closer" in a sentence

(21)You can comecloserfor the teacher?

(22)the boat movedcloserTo the coast.

(23)Binoculars make things lookcloser.

(24)I have the boatcloserTo the coast.

(25)Forcloserso I can give you a hug.

(26)the fish swamcloserto the surface.

(27)the sun is settingcloserto upload.

(28)the boat driftscloserTo the coast.

(29)the sun is settingcloserfor configuration.

(30)Forcloserso I can hear you better.

Phrase "closer"

(31)the flowers arecloserfor the ground.

(32)the spider crawledcloserfor the web.

(33)drag your chaircloserto the table.

(34)you can movecloserfor the shelf?

(35)The sunflower grewcloserin the sun.

(36)the spider crawledcloserto your website.

(37)The storm is starting to arrivecloser.

(38)She asked me to comecloserAnd listen.

(39)Binoculars make it all seemcloser.

(40)the spider crawledcloserto the wall.

Example sentences for "closer"

(41)the baby is gettingcloserTo walk.

(42)You can comecloserto the microphone?

(43)the bee is gettingcloserto the hive.

(44)you can movecloserto the playground?

(45)You can comecloserto the board game?

(46)The homily made me feelcloserto God.

(47)the rabbit has changedcloserthe carrot.

(48)the sun was gettingcloserfor configuration.

(49)the moon is gettingcloserin the sun.

(50)The end of the year is comingcloser.

Sentence with "closer"

(51)The freaks were movingcloserfor me

(52)My binoculars make things lookcloser.

(53)The ball is gettingcloserto the goal.

(54)the baby is gettingcloserto crawl.

(55)the rabbit jumpedcloserto the garden.

(56)The cat is gettingcloserto the mouse.

(57)The bird is gettingcloserto your nest.

(58)The boat is gettingcloserto the pier.

(59)The plane is gettingclosertake off.

(60)The bird is gettingcloserto the nest.

Use "closer" in a sentence

(61)The plane is gettingcloserto landing.

(62)each step brings uscloserto our goal.

(63)Are gonecloserto our destination.

(64)Forcloserand let's debate this issue.

(65)The storm is gettingcloserfor our city.

(66)the butterfly flewcloserin bloom

(67)The boat is gettingcloserTo the coast.

(68)the moon is gettingcloserdown to earth.

(69)The finish line iscloserthan it looks.

(70)The mirage disappeared when we arrivedcloser.

Phrase using "Closer"

(71)the siren gettingclosermade me nervous.

(72)the moon is gettingcloserto be full.

(73)The car in front of us is gettingcloser.

(74)The snowman is gettingcloserto melt.

(75)the sun is settingcloserto the horizon.

(76)the ant crawledcloserto the sugar cube.

(77)the butterfly flewcloserto the rainbow.

(78)We can go camping to becloserby nature

(79)The storm is gettingcloserto our house.

(80)the moon was gettingcloserto Earth.

Phrases with "closer"

(81)The car movedcloserto the curb to park.

(82)the sun is settingcloserto the equator.

(83)She pulled the chaircloserto the table.

(84)The wavers signaled us to comecloser.

(85)The clock was tickingcloserat midnight.

(86)I feelcloserfor you when we get intimate.

(87)The plane is gettingcloserto landing.

(88)The bird took a stepcloserto the feeder.

(89)Let's takecloserto the fire to warm up.

(90)The train is comingcloserto the tunnel.

Phrase of "closer"

(91)The car movedcloserto the store to park.

(92)The plane is gettingclosertake off.

(93)I need to movecloserto see the board.

(94)Both teams are gettingcloserin score.

(95)I am gettingcloserto reach my goals.

(96)The deadline is comingcloserecloser.

(97)The concert is gettingcloserto begin.

(98)She dragged the chaircloserto the table.

(99)the drifting boatcloserto the rocky shore.

(100)The train is comingcloserto the station.

"closer" phrases

(101)The car is gettingcloserat the stop sign.

(102)The spider is crawling more and morecloser.

(103)Let's takecloserto zoo animals.

(104)Let's slide our chairscloserto the table.

(105)The plane was gettingcloserto landing.

(106)The car movedcloserto the garage to park.

(107)I need to move my chaircloserto the table.

(108)The diver is gettingcloserto the surface.

(109)The tide will rise when the moon comescloser.

(110)Bivvying allows you to becloserby nature

Usage of "closer" in the sentence

(111)Affection can drive peopleclosertogether.

(112)I wish there was an IKEAcloserto my house.

(113)The sunflower is gettingcloserto bloom.

(114)The spider has spun its webcloserthe light.

(115)the book iscloserto the edge of the table.

(116)we need to go incloserto hear the story.

(117)The bird is gettingcloserto the birdhouse.

(118)We can read the Bible to feelcloserto God.

(119)The car is gettingcloserto the toll booth.

(120)The train was arrivingcloserto the station.

Phrase about "closer"

(121)the boat movedcloserto the dock to moor.

(122)The boy whispered for his dog to comecloser.

(123)The two friends walkedclosereach other.

(124)The skier is gettingcloserto the cable car.

(125)You can slide the chaircloserto the table?

(126)The storm is gettingcloserto our location.

(127)Adventures can bring peopleclosertogether.

(128)I wish there was a chippycloserto my house.

(129)Push that bike rackcloserfor the entry.

(130)The finish line is gettingcloserecloser.

Example "closer"

(131)You can comecloserso I can hear you better?

(132)The plant is gettingcloserin need of water.

(133)the moon iscloserto Earth than the sun.

(134)the bird iscloserto the nest than to the tree.

(135)I need to pull the chaircloserto the table.

(136)The car is gettingcloserto the finish line.

(137)The car is gettingcloserto the gas station.

(138)I need to getcloserto the computer to type.

(139)The boat is gettingcloserto the lighthouse.

(140)I need to fix my chaircloserto the table.

"closer" in sentence

(141)The ghostly image seemed to be movingcloser.

(142)The hiker is gettingcloserto the start of the trail.

(143)Every step I take brings mecloserto my goal.

(144)The end of the school year is comingcloser.

(145)The finish line iscloserthan it was before.

(146)The temperature is gettingcloserto the boil.

(147)Forcloserso I can hear what you're saying.

(148)You can slide your chaircloserto the table?

(149)The act of communion brings uscloserto God.

(150)Inchclosermanaging your time effectively.

"closest" phrases in Portuguese

(151)Forcloserand let's look at this case study.

(152)You can push that printercloserto my table?

(153)The car is gettingcloserto the intersection.

(154)the tree iscloserhome than on the road.

(155)the bird iscloserto the sky than to the ground.

(156)the fish isclosercoral than sand.

(157)The plane is gettingcloserto the airport.

(158)Let's devise a plan to make our familycloser.

(159)The finish line was gettingcloserecloser.

(160)The child has changedcloserto the fire to warm up.

Make sentences with "closer"

(161)The butterfly is gettingcloserin bloom

(162)The temperature is gettingcloserto freezing.

(163)I'm going to change my chaircloserto fire.

(164)The mirage disappeared when we arrivedcloserfor that.

(165)I need to take oneclosersee this document.

(166)The reliever was the setup man for thecloser.

(167)Binoculars make things lookcloserit's bigger.

(168)Binoculars make things look bigger andcloser.

(169)The bishop can help people feelcloserto God.

(170)the siren gettingclosersignaled an emergency.

Phrases using "Closer"

(171)He adverbially gestured for her to comecloser.

(172)Inchcloserstudying consistently every day.

(173)Forcloserand take a look at this experiment.

(174)You can push that tablecloserto the window?

(175)the tree iscloserto the park than to school.

(176)you can take the bookcloserso I can read?

(177)Carry on, you're gettingcloserto your objective.

(178)Let's takecloserto the sea to see the waves.

(179)the butterfly flewcloserfor the butterfly net.

(180)The concert is gettingcloserand I can't wait!

Sentence from "Closer"

(181)The storm clouds are gettingcloserand darker.

(182)The deadline for the project is comingcloser.

(183)I wish there was a bakerycloserto my house.

(184)I would like off-campus housing to becloserto campus.

(185)The indescribable aroma of the flower attracted mecloser.

(186)The ship advanced slowlyclosertowards the coast.

(187)I wish there was a Starbuckscloserto my house.

(188)The bird is gettingcloserto build your nest.

(189)The tree is gettingcloserto lose the leaves.

(190)Every step we take brings uscloserto our goals.

(191)the apple iscloserto the stem than to the bottom.

(192)the pencil iscloserfor the rubber than for the tip.

(193)the car iscloserto the garage than to the street.

(194)the ball iscloserfor the player than for the coach.

(195)the spider iscloserfor the web than for the affiliate.

(196)Keep your friends close and your enemiescloser.

(197)The runner is gettingcloserto the finish line.

(198)Our circumstances can bring uscloserfor others.

(199)The car movedcloserto the gas pump to fill up.

(200)The football player is receivingcloserto the goal.

(201)The football player is receivingcloserfor the ball.

(202)By the looks of it, the storm is gettingcloser.

(203)My razor has multiple blades for oneclosershave.

(204)she took a stepcloseron the edge of the cliff.

(205)She was gesturing for her friend to comecloser.

(206)I could hear the siren gettingcloserecloser.

(207)The doomsday clock is tickingcloserat midnight.

(208)Kiss me, she whispered, leaning incloserfor him.

(209)Snorkel forward to getcloserto sea turtles.

(210)I feelcloserto my faith when I am in the temple.

(211)Sharing secrets can bring peopleclosertogether.

(212)sloppinesscloserto your laptop for comfortable typing.

(213)the dog camecloserto me when I called your name.

(214)the fish swamcloserto the surface of the water.

(215)Movecloserso you can see the image better.

(216)the cat iscloserto the owner than to the neighbor.

(217)the moon iscloserto the stars than to the planets.

(218)Sometimes fate can bring uscloserto our dreams.

(219)Let's takecloserto the mountain to see the view.

(220)The runner was gettingcloserto the finish line.

Short and Simple Example Sentence for "Closer" | Phrase "closer"

(221)The car movedcloserto the intersection to turn.

(222)The swimmer is gettingcloserto the finish line.

(223)The hiker is gettingcloserto the peak of the mountain.

(224)I need to move my phone chargercloserto my bed.

(225)The train is comingcloserand we need to hurry.

(226)The ship will entercloserTo the coast.

(227)The two friends are gettingclosereach other.

(228)The seductive scent of flowers attracted mecloser.

(229)Sometimes pain can drive peopleclosertogether.

(230)The answer is right in front of you, lookcloser.

(231)I caught a beetle in a jar to observe itcloser.

(232)The backspeiring of the moon made it seemcloser.

(233)Sing and let harmony bring us allcloser.

(234)Forcloserand let me clarify this point for you.

(235)The sparrow in front of me flew when I arrivedcloser.

(236)the squirrel is gettingcloserfor the bird feeder.

(237)the sunflower iscloserin the sun than on the grass.

(238)the train iscloserfor the tunnel than for the bridge.

(239)the apple iscloserto the basket than to the ground.

(240)The camera can zoom in to make things lookcloser.

How do you write a good sentence with "Closer"?

(241)Let's takecloserto the rainbow to see the colors.

(242)I need to getcloserto the TV to see the details.

(243)I need to getcloserto the window to see outside.

(244)I need to getcloserto the clock to see the time.

(245)The ghostly footsteps seemed to be gettingcloser.

(246)The bird flewcloserinto the water to catch a fish.

(247)The bird flewcloseron the ground to catch a bug.

(248)The athlete took a stepcloserto the finish line.

(249)The finish line is gettingcloserwith every step.

(250)The runner is gettingcloserto the starting line.

(251)The swimmer is gettingcloserto the trampoline.

(252)Humiliating moments can drive peopleclosertogether.

(253)He grabbed his booty and pulled hercloserfor him.

(254)The womb allows me to reachcloserto the fish.

(255)Crouch down to get onecloserlook at a work of art.

(256)She was gesturing for the children to comecloser.

(257)The athlete was advancingcloserto the finish line.

(258)The experience of baptism brought mecloserto God.

(259)Forcloserand let me explain this concept to you.

(260)Forcloserand let's practice this skill together.

English sentences with audio using the word "Closer".

(261)The lifeguard waved for the swimmers to comecloser.

(262)The telescope gave us aclosermoon advantage.

(263)The doctor will come incloserto check your ear.

(264)the pencil iscloserfor the notebook than for the table.

(265)I feelcloserto my grandma after bonding with her.

(266)Let's takecloserto the waterfall to feel the mist.

(267)I want to sitcloserto the front of the classroom.

(268)I need to getcloserto the stove to cook food.

(269)The birdhouse iscloserto the tree than to the fence.

(270)I need to getcloserto the book to read the words. Free Online Dictionary

(271)I fixed my platecloserto the edge of the table.

(272)I need to movecloserto see the image better.

(273)I movedcloserto the stage to get a better look at the band.

(274)The bird flewcloserto the tree to build its nest.

(275)Some people migrate to becloserto family members.

(276)The storm is gettingcloser, we need to protect ourselves.

(277)The two friends movedclosereach other to talk.

(278)The finish line iscloserthan it was a minute ago.

(279)He gestured for her to comecloser, and she obeyed.

(280)With each step, she drewcloserto her fate.

How to use "Closer" with example sentences.

(281)The saltier the air, the morecloseryou are to the sea.

(282)The sound of the siren gettingcloserit was deafening.

(283)Come here and have onecloserlook at this painting.

(284)The magic ritual brought mecloserto the divine.

(285)I wish there was an In-N-Outcloserto where I live.

(286)I want to sitcloserto the door, can we switch places?

(287)Forcloserand let's work together on this project.

(288)Squirt aside the crowd and let me get onecloserto look.

(289)Shaving forward can help you achieve aclosershave.

(290)the bee flewcloserto the flower to collect the nectar.

(291)The child is gettingcloserto learn to read.

(292)the butterfly iscloserto the flower than to the leaf.

(293)the plane iscloserto the airport than to the city.

(294)the store iscloserto our house than the other.

(295)I beg the moon to comecloserso that I can touch it.

(296)The bird flewcloserto the feeder to eat the seeds.

(297)The child has changedcloserto the TV to see the details.

(298)The bird flewcloserto the nest to feed their young.

(299)Basketball player is gettingcloserfor the hoop.

(300)The train is comingcloserto the station platform.

(301)The telescope made the distant object appearcloser.

(302)The car in front of us is gettingcloserecloser.

(303)She used her hand to gesture for him to come over.closer.

(304)The lighthouse of friendship brought the friendscloser.

(305)Come closer and take aclosersee this experiment.

(306)She gestured for him to comecloser, and he obeyed.

(307)Please step aside and let me have a look.closerto look.

(308)Inchclosersetting achievable goals for yourself.

(309)I got up to get onecloserlook at the artwork.

(310)Lean across the table to get acloserlook at the map.

(311)I want to sitcloserto the board, can we change places?

(312)Jew from a distance and getcloserto the stage.

(313)She looked at me and whispered for me to comecloser.

(314)Can you please push that chaircloserto the table?

(315)I had to go down to get onecloserlook at the bug.

(316)Let's switch places so you can sit downcloserfoward.

(317)You can paddle to the waterfall for acloserto look.

(318)Drop in and get onecloserlook at this bug I found.

(319)Lightning seems to be hittingcloserecloser.

(320)The snowball is gettingcloserto hit your target.

(321)The child is gettingcloserto tie your own shoes.

(322)the shark swamcloserto the swimmer to threaten him.

(323)The car in front of us was gettingcloserecloser.

(324)The child has changedcloserto the book to read the words.

(325)The concert is gettingcloserecloserto begin.

(326)The finish line iscloserthan I thought it would.

(327)Both teams are gettingcloserto the championship.

(328)You can place the microphonecloserto the speaker?

(329)I'm looking for a new place to livecloserto my work.

(330)The actors were instructed to movecloserfor the camera.

(331)The ghostly figure seemed to be waving at hercloser.

(332)The campus community has growncloserover the years.

(333)It is said that angels are able to bring uscloserto God.

(334)Binoculars can make things lookcloserand clearer.

(335)The hard act of love brought themclosertogether.

(336)The ants were getting tougher as they crawledcloser.

(337)The child was advancingcloserdown to the edge of the pool.

(338)The coyote howled again, and this time it wascloser.

(339)The cat slowly began to move forwardclosertowards the mouse.

(340)the siren gettingclosercame from an ambulance.

(341)Can you pass me the binoculars so I can get onecloserto look?

(342)Inchclosertaking breaks and practicing self-care.

(343)I want to sitcloserto the window, can we change places?

(344)The telescope makes everything look bigger andcloser.

(345)I took a stepcloserto the bird to see better.

(346)The sound of the train was distant but gettingcloser.

(347)The car movedcloserto the toll booth to pay the fee.

(348)The plane's altitude made the sun appearcloser.

(349)The storm grew stronger as it movedcloserfor our city.

(350)i need to movecloserto the board to see the writing.

(351)The swimmer is gettingcloserdown to the edge of the pool.

(352)Basketball player is gettingcloserto the basket.

(353)Every time I try, I get a littleclosersuccess.

(354)The detective took acloserlook at the crime scene.

(355)The exam is gettingcloserand I need to study more.

(356)My commute is shorter now that I've movedcloserto work.

(357)We defied fate, and it brought usclosertogether.

(358)Aarti's religious practices brought hercloserto God.

(359)The adventurism of the group brought themclosertogether.

(360)The act of forgiveness brought themclosertogether. Free Online Dictionary

(361)she wants acloserrelationship with your family.

(362)The lighthouse of love brought the coupleclosertogether.

(363)The harpoon was used to pull the boatcloserto the pier.

(364)The global network brought peopleclosertogether.

(365)The athlete's long jump took himcloserto the horizon.

(366)the siren gettingcloserit was a reminder to be cautious.

(367)The dog got more nervous as the storm increasedcloser.

(368)Forcloserso that you can see the details of this diagram.

(369)pull the candle incloserto the boat to catch more wind.

(370)sloppinesscloserto your book to read the fine print.

(371)We need to move this couchclosernext to the wall.

(372)you can movecloserto the board so you can see better?

(373)The flower is gettingcloserto bloom in spring.

(374)The park is too far, let's find onecloserone elsewhere.

(375)I movedcloserto my friend so I could hear her better.

(376)I need to getcloserto the microphone to speak louder.

(377)The car needs to be parked a bitcloserto the curb.

(378)The skier is gettingcloserat the bottom of the slope.

(379)the store is gettingcloser, we just need to turn left.

(380)The storm is gettingcloserand the wind is rising.

(381)By the looks of it, the storm is gettingcloser.

(382)I need to sitcloserto the board to improve my acuity.

(383)The agloos were curious and camecloserinvestigate.

(384)Agnus Dei is a prayer that brings uscloserto God.

(385)The hiker knelt down to take a look.closerlook at a rare flower.

(386)The community is growingcloserthrough voluntary work.

(387)The child was kneeling down to pick up acloserlook at the bug.

(388)The father signaled the child to comecloser.

(389)He leaned forward to pick one up.closerlook at the painting.

(390)The animals fled in terror as the fires of hell approachedcloser.

(391)The parachute flew when I tried to catch itcloserfor that.

(392)Inchcloserbelieving in yourself and your abilities.

(393)The planet will orbit in acloserdistance to the sun.

(394)Forcloserand we will discuss this topic in more detail.

(395)Forcloserand let's explore this theory in more depth.

(396)The bird is gettingcloserfly for the first time.

(397)the sun is settingcloserto shine through the clouds.

(Video) Sentence, Closer PPT video

(398)the sunflower iscloserfor the garden than for the sidewalk.

(399)I need to getcloserin the mirror to see my reflection.

(400)the dog movedclosergive its owner a pat on the head.

(401)The bird flewcloserto the birdhouse to check for food.

(402)7/8 is a proper fraction which iscloserfor one than 1/2.

(403)5/6 is a proper fraction which iscloserfor one than 1/2.

(404)6/7 is a proper fraction which iscloserfor one than 1/2.

(405)4/7 is a proper fraction which iscloserfor one than 1/2.

(406)I slid my chaircloserto the table to reach my food.

(407)The train is comingcloserand we can hear the whistle.

(408)She made a furtive gesture for her friend to come over.closer.

(409)The teacher asked us to pack our desksclosertogether.

(410)The allotment brought the communityclosertogether.

(411)I grew upcloserto God because of the guidance of my catechist.

(412)Angels are believed to be able to bring uscloserto God.

(413)I wish I got onecloserlook at the bogling.

(414)Binoculars make things lookcloserthan they really are.

(415)The waving hand waved to signal us to comecloser.

(416)The bishop baptizes people who want to becloserto God.

(417)Tilt the binoculars to get acloserSay cheese.

(418)He used his kayak to catch acloserlook at the waterfall.

(419)the siren gettingcloserwas followed by flashing lights.

(420)The mission of the evangelists was to lead peoplecloserto God.

(421)The inhaul was used to bring the candlecloserto the mast.

(422)Fans took to the stage tocloserfor the band.

(423)I'm moving house to becloserto my family and friends.

(424)Forcloserand let me guide you through this task.

(425)Please place under the microscope tocloserexam.

(426)The frame of the painting was square aboutcloserinspection.

(427)A simple act of sharing can lead peopleclosertogether.

(428)The binoculars provided acloserwildlife advantage.

(429)Photo zoom helps you getcloserto the subject.

(430)The temperature will rise as we arrivecloserto the summer.

(431)I need to getcloserat the door to hear who is knocking.

(432)The cat's tail beat faster on arrivalcloserto the mouse.

(433)The walker movedcloserto the waterfall to feel the mist.

(434)The student movedcloserto the board to see the writing.

(435)The top bunk in the dorm iscloserto the ceiling.

(436)She used her foot to move the chaircloserto the table.

(437)Calvary is a place where people go to feelcloserto God.

(438)The camera's zoom feature allowed her to get acloseroutlet.

(439)I often reflect on top of a tree to feelcloserby nature

(440)Locally, the new office iscloserto downtown.

(441)Hoop aside and let me get onecloserlook at this painting.

(442)Forcloserand let me show you how to solve this problem.

(443)Forcloserand we will review the material before the exam.

(444)Forcloserand let me demonstrate this technique to you.

(445)Forcloserand let me share my perspective on this topic.

(446)I had to bend down beside the microscope to get acloserto look.

(447)Kneel down to take acloserlook at a historic monument.

(448)The caterpillar is gettingcloserto become a butterfly.

(449)We can use a microscope to observe a specimen evencloser.

(450)Refraction can cause objects to appearcloseror further. Free Online Dictionary

(451)The student movedcloserto the teacher to ask a question.

(452)The car movedcloserto the car in front of you in traffic.

(453)Keep going, you're one step awaycloserto achieve its objectives.

(454)I used a magnifying glass to get acloserlook at the bug.

(455)I need to find a place to live that iscloserto my work.

(456)The side entrance to the gym iscloserto the weight room.

(457)He hopes to develop acloserrelationship with your family.

(458)The finish line is gettingcloserand I can taste victory.

(459)The death of a loved one can bring peopleclosertogether.

(460)Aliyahs are a way for Jews to becloserto their families.

(461)Filipino is a language that brings uscloserto our roots.

(462)Binoculars are a great way to get acloserlook at things.

(463)The fascination of ocean waves attracted mecloserTo the coast.

(464)The butterfly landed on the leaf, so I took onecloserto look.

(465)The shy gesture of holding hands made them feelcloser.

(466)The galaxy's blueshifts suggest it is moving.closerfor us.

(467)My barber taught me how to shave forward to get aclosershave.

(468)She smiled seductively at him, beckoning for him to come over.closer.

(469)His uneasiness increased as the job interview approached.closer.

(470)We are looking for a new flatting situationcloserto work.

(471)The predator was waiting for its prey to comecloser.

(472)Inchcloserattending all your classes and taking notes.

(473)Inchcloserstaying motivated and focused on your goals.

(474)Inchcloserembracing new experiences and opportunities.

(475)Inch after inch, the deadline for my final paper approachedcloser.

(476)Step aside and let me have oneclosersee the campus map.

(477)Forcloserand let me give you some comments about your work.

(478)Forcloserand we will collaborate on this research project.

(479)Building details fade as we approachcloser.

(480)Monument details fade as we progresscloser.

(481)The amount of stress increased when the exam date arrivedcloser.

(482)The hunter used a hunting horse to obtaincloserto the deer.

(483)You can pick up the puzzle piecescloserso we can finish?

(484)We can simplify our travel plans by stayingcloserfor home.

(485)The doctor will need to movecloserto check your ear.

(486)The concert is gettingcloserand I'm getting more and more excited.

(487)Separate premium parking iscloserfor the entry.

(488)The teacher told us to come in and sit downcloserfor the board.

(489)She hopes to develop acloserrelationship with sister.

(490)My commuting is much easier now that I livecloserto campus.

(491)My blended family brought mecloserto my stepparents.

(492)The further we drive, the morecloserwe arrived at our destination.

(493)The artist crouches down to get acloserlook at their painting.

(494)The clock was tickingcloserthe writing deadline.

(495)Excitement about the event waned as the date approached.closer.

(496)She leaned across the counter to grab one.closerto look.

(497)the family growscloser, and they spend more time together.

(498)The castle came into view as we rodecloserby horse.

(499)May it be the cure that brings youcloserfor your loved ones.

(500)the siren gettingcloserit was a warning to clean up the streets.

(501)The teacher waved for the students to comecloserfor the board.

(502)the couple grew upcloserthrough their shared love of cooking.

(503)Inchcloserprioritizing their tasks and responsibilities.

(504)Traffic slowed down when we arrivedcloserto our destination.

(505)Step aside and let me have acloserlook at the whiteboard.

(506)The coach advised the team to divertcloserto the game plan.

(507)Sucking your brothers won't make your familycloser.

(508)let's movecloserto the stage so we can see the performers.

(509)The snail is gettingcloserto reach the end of the sheet.

(510)The chasing horse helped the hunter to arrivecloserto the deer.

(511)The bird will entercloserto the feeder to eat the seeds.

(512)the butterfly flewcloserto the flower to drink its nectar.

(513)The swimmer movedcloserby the pool to take a dip.

(514)The lifeguard waved for the swimmers to comecloserto the coast.

(515)The two friends movedclosereach other to take a selfie.

(516)The death of a loved one can bring familiesclosertogether.

(517)The seductive smell of the ocean drew us incloserto the beach.

(518)I want to transfer my enrollment to a schoolcloserfor home.

(519)I saw a bat in the park, so I decided to give it a go.closerto look.

(520)He used a magnifying glass to get acloserlook at the mite.

(521)I always feelcloserto my partner when we are coenamouring.

(522)The beacon called us to comecloserand admire the view.

(523)Hooks were used to pull the boatcloserto the pier.

(524)We decided to move to a new state to becloserour family.

(525)She slid onto a pillow to sit up.closerto the fire and heat.

(526)Oclosercame in and hit the side to secure the victory.

(527)She signaled her friends to comecloserAnd listen.

(528)The child leaned forward on the TV to get acloserto look.

(529)If you want oneclosershave, try to shave against the grain.

(530)The unitive force of love brought the coupleclosertogether.

(531)Inchcloserseeking help from their teachers when needed.

(532)Inchcloserdeveloping strong study habits and techniques.

(533)Bend over and take acloserlook at the diagram on the board.

(534)I need to put this vial over there, so it'scloserto the door.

(535)Do I need to adjust my trimmer blade to get aclosercut.

(536)I find that shaving in the shower gives me aclosershave.

(537)It is important to approachclosersee details.

(538)consider livingcloserto campus to avoid traffic.

(539)Come back to the side and let me have a lookcloserlook at this painting.

(540)Aim for onecloserlook at the anatomy of the human body.

(541)I hope to transfer to a universitycloserfor home.

(542)A mirage is like a dream that disappears when you getcloser.

(543)The child has changedcloserto the window to see the snow falling.

(544)The lower the sun is in the sky, the morecloseris to define.

(545)The teacher asked us to move our chairscloserfor the board.

(546)Premium front parking spaces arecloserfor the entry.

(547)The two friends movedclosereach other to share a secret.

(548)The crowd began to push and shove to getcloserto the stage.

(549)i had to slide my chaircloserto the table to reach my food.

(550)My commuting is so much easier now that I've movedcloserto work.

(551)Grief can drive peopleclosertogether in unexpected ways.

(552)The aeonic power of empathy can bring peopleclosertogether.

(553)She knelt down on the floor tocloserlook at the flowers.

(554)He transferred schools to becloserfor your family and friends.

(555)The hunter used a bait against the ducks to attract them.closer.

(556)The hunter decided to wait for the deer to comecloser.

(557)The child leaned forward to get acloserlook at the bug.

(558)The inhalation was pulled to bring the candlecloserto the boat.

(559)Spending time pouting won't get you anycloserto its objectives.

(560)You can zoom in to get aclosernotice the text on the slide.

(561)When applying makeup, tilt the mirror down to get acloserto view.

(562)The teacher would wave for us to comecloserfor the board.

(563)i wish i could getcloserto the sparrow in the campus garden.

(564)The key to success is moving forwardcloserto your dreams every day.

(565)City skyline disappears as we drivecloserto the center.

(566)Kneel down to get oneclosersee the works of art in the gallery.

(567)When playing a sport, swipe forward to getcloserfor the ball.

(568)sloppinesscloserto your study group to share ideas and insights.

(569)sloppinesscloserto the front of the class to avoid distractions.

(570)Dive in sideways and let's take acloserlook at the sea turtles.

(571)Aim for onecloserlisten to the teacher's instructions.

(572)The family is growingcloserbecause they spend more time together.

(573)the butterfly iscloserfor the caterpillar than for the chrysalis.

(574)I walkedcloseron the edge of the cliff for a better view.

(575)Basketball player changedcloserto the hoop to take a shot.

(576)Radio reception improved when we movedcloserto town.

(577)I like to use a razor with multiple blades for oneclosershave.

(578)The mantle of friendship brought the two girlsclosertogether.

(579)The storm is gettingcloserand the thunder is getting louder.

(580)The march of globalization has brought peopleclosertogether.

(581)The death of a family member can lead peopleclosertogether.

(582)She hopes to reduce commuting time by movingcloserto work.

(583)The hunter's bait attracted the animalcloserfor an easier shot.

(584)Asthenics may need to paycloserPay attention to your food.

(585)Go to the side and let me have acloserlook at this lab experiment.

(586)The cunning fox pretended to be injured to attract the rabbit.closer.

(587)The coach gestured for the players to moveclosertogether.

(588)The new razor promised an extra fine blade for aclosershave.

(589)Gradually, the city skyline appeared as we drovecloser.

(590)I'm thinking of moving to a new city to becloserfor my family.

(591)He leaned into a wheelchair to get acloserlook at the painting.

(592)The killer moved discreetly tocloserto the target.

(593)The athlete felt more nervous with the draw of the competitioncloser.

(594)The fulfillment of his promises brought themclosertogether.

(595)the couple grew upcloserthrough their shared love of literature.

(596)Neck forward to get onecloserlook at the artwork in the museum.

(597)Step aside and let me have acloserlook at this painting.

(598)Step aside and let me have onecloserlook at the bulletin board.

(599)I'm considering enrolling off-campus to becloserto my work.

(600)I'm considering enrolling off-campus to becloserfor my family.

(601)I am moving house this summer to livecloserto my internship.

(602)A torrecloserfor the library is the one with the clock face.

(603)I transferred in the middle of my sophomore year to becloserfor my family.

(604)You can walk around for acloserlook at the historic building.

(605)My cousin emigrated to Canada to becloserto her grandparents.

(606)The chasing horse helped the hunter to arrivecloserto animals.

(607)The bird flewcloserto the window for a better view of the interior.

(608)Some people believe that religion can bring themcloserto God.

(609)The actor took a stepcloseronstage to deliver their lines.

(610)We had to move our chairscloserto the bonfire to warm up.

(611)I prefer to use a razor with multiple blades for oneclosershave.

(612)The horizon seemed to be movingcloseras we sail towards it.

(613)We knocked on the door and the sound of footsteps increased.closer.

(614)Laughter is a powerful emotion and can make peoplecloser.

(615)Our encounter through a shared hobby brought usclosertogether.

(616)we are stayingcloserto our destiny with every step we take.

(617)The politician's rhetoric hardened as the election approachedcloser.

(618)I could hear the warragal's footsteps gettingcloserecloser.

(619)Only children can havecloserrelationships with your parents.

(620)Crouch down to get oneclosersee the works of art in the gallery.

(621)Inchcloserstaying organized and keeping up with deadlines.

(622)drag your chaircloserto the table so you can reach your food.

(623)The moon seems far away, but it really iscloserthan other planets.

(624)The car in front of us is gettingcloserecloserfor the turn.

(625)The finish line is gettingcloserand i can feel the adrenaline.

(626)She had to run on her stoolcloserto the piano to play.

(627)The curious bird flewcloserto the window to see better.

(628)The sneaky snake tried to trick the frog into comingcloser.

(629)The beacon called us to comecloserand hear their story.

(630)The deadline for the scholarship application was advancingcloser.

(631)The sound of the waves faded as I walkedcloserto the beach.

(632)I'm hoping to find a placecloserto campus as soon as my lease is up.

(633)The intimacy of a shared secret can lead peopleclosertogether.

(634)give acloserlook for the fine print before signing the contract.

(635)let's give onecloserlook at the map to discover the best route.

(636)How did the concert attractcloser, fans boiled with anticipation.

(637)She emigrates from Brazil to Portugal to becloserfor her family.

(638)The error was a reminder for the dealer to paycloserattention.

(639)The mesial root of the tooth iscloserto the front of the mouth.

(640)The advancing crowd pushed and pushed to getcloserto the stage.

(641)Inchcloserparticipating in group discussions and activities.

(642)Inchclosertaking advantage of the resources available on campus.

(643)Inchcloserbeing open to constructive comments and criticism.

(644)I'm determined to move forwardcloseron improving my GPA this semester.

(645)I'm considering terminating my contract early to movecloserto campus.

(646)I'm going to reverse my car so I can parkcloserfor the entry.

(647)Forcloserand let's brainstorm some ideas for our presentation.

(648)Forcloserand we will discuss the implications of this discovery.

(649)You can zoom in to acloserNote the details of the painting.

(650)Picking up past regrets won't bring you anycloserto its objectives.

(651)Can I go behind you to get onecloserlook at the presentation

(652)Waist forward and take acloserlook at the whiteboard.

(653)The shaver blade should be changed regularly with aclosershave.

(654)The tide is rising, let's change our towelscloserTo the coast.

(655)I need to movecloserto the board to see the writing clearly.

(656)The teacher movedcloserto students to listen to their questions.

(657)The end of the book is gettingcloserand I don't want it to end.

(658)the store is gettingcloserand we just need to cross the street.

(659)Love spread through the couple, taking themclosertogether.

(660)The death of a relative can bring usclosertogether.

(661)we need to go incloserto the stage to see the concert better.

(662)Binoculars are like magic glasses that make things lookcloser.

(663)The sailor used the hook to pull the boatcloserto the pier.

(664)Judging by the sound of thunder, the storm is gettingcloser.

(665)The distance between the two cities diminished as we wentcloser.

(666)We need to get out of the suburbs and find a placecloserto town.

(667)He decided to play a chip shot to catch the ballcloserto the hole.

(668)The city skyline gradually expanded as we drovecloser.

(669)to catch the ballcloserfor the hole, you need to make a shot putt.

(670)Before making any assumptions, make aclosersee the evidence.

(671)The death of my relatives brought usclosertogether.

(672)The seduction of the waves of the sea attracted hercloserTo the coast.

(673)My sadhana practice has brought mecloserto my spiritual beliefs.

(674)The slow dance was the perfect opportunity for them to bond.closer.

(675)Hold the motel, let's check if there's anycloserto campus.

(676)How the exam attractedcloser, my heart began to flutter with anxiety.

(677)The orb in front of us seemed to be growing in size as wecloser.

(678)You can zoom in to get acloserNote the texture of the fabric.

(679)Cabin after cabin, we found ourselves stayingcloserTo the river.

(680)Zoom in by onecloserlook at the intricate design of the building.

(681)We must move the rug between the chairscloserto the fireplace.

(682)I wish I could get onecloserlook at the windmill in the field.

(683)The beauty of the waterfall disappears as we walkcloserfor that.

(684)sloppinesscloserfor your friends to enjoy their company and have fun.

(685)If you see something interesting, go snorkeling to get acloserto look.

(686)I feelcloserto my brothers after uniting for a common interest.

(687)The student movedcloserto the experiment to observe the results.

(688)The wave of the hand was a signal for the person to comecloser.

(689)She decided to transfer enrollment to a universitycloserfor home.

(690)The blade flashed in the moonlight, and the assassin creptcloser.

(691)The storm was getting worse, and the lightning was gettingcloser.

(692)She made a claim out of love, and it brought themclosertogether.

(693)I used my binoculars to get acloserlook at the bird on the tree.

(694)I tried to getcloserto the baboon in the river, but it ran away.

(695)He transferred to a universitycloserhome to save on expenses.

(696)The passion in their relationship intensified as they grew up.closer.

(697)the siren gettingcloserpulled me over to the side of the road.

(698)With each passing day, I advancecloserto the top of the leaderboard.

(699)With each step I advancecloserto the finish line of this marathon.

(700)She dolled the cameracloserto capture a better photo of the bird.

(701)The similarities in their experiences brought themclosertogether.

(702)The amount of traffic learned as we arrivedcloserto our destination.

(703)the fox crawledcloserto the Leveret, hoping to catch him for dinner.

(704)Asteroid perigees can also bring themcloserto our planet.

(705)With each completed task, I move forwardcloserto earn my degree.

(706)Bend to the side and let the teacher take a lookclosersee your project.

(707)Forcloserand let me give you some tips for studying effectively.

(708)The number of available seats decreased as the event approachedcloser.

(709)I dove through the crowded concert hall to getcloserto the stage.

(710)Slim forward to get onecloserlook at the diagrams in your book.

(711)Bend over your thighs to getcloserto your desk while you write.

(712)When watching a show, swipe forward to getcloserto the stage.

(713)sloppinesscloserto the microphone so your voice can be heard clearly.

(714)The old wooden raft creaked towards the shore as we paddledcloser.

(715)The sound of a siren oscillates as it approachescloserand further.

(716)The knight used a hunting horse to obtaincloserto the castle walls.

(717)The artwork was so eye-catching that it drew me into acloserto look.

(718)The finish line iscloserthan at the start of the race.

(719)I'm sorry I can't hear you, can you come overcloserand talk up here?

(720)Can you help me transfer my enrollment to a collegecloserfor home?

(721)Many retirees choose to move to becloserto family or friends.

(722)The finish line is gettingcloserand I can see it from a distance.

(723)She survived the exam and is now one step away.closerto her degree.

(724)They reconciled their friendship and are nowcloserthan ever.

(725)They can turn around in a long commute or they can movecloserto work.

(726)The palpable sense of anticipation grew as the concert approached.closer.

(727)The sound of thunder became heavier as the storm approached.closer.

(728)If you get cold easily, you might want to sit down.closerto the heater.

(729)while we drovecloser, the skyscrapers began to appear in front of us.

(730)The details of the painting came into view as we entered.closer.

(731)My parents are pressuring me to find a place to live.closerfor them.

(732)i wish i could getcloserto Saturn and witness its beauty up close.

(733)I'm wanting to move to the neighborhood to becloserfor my family.

(734)The diaphaneity of the air made the distant mountains appearcloser.

(735)Game night joys brought our familyclosertogether.

(736)Inchcloserreading and researching beyond the course materials.

(737)I'm staying off campus because I want to becloserto my work.

(738)Inventing a new way of communicating can lead peopleclosertogether.

(739)I had to crawl to the floor to get one.closerlook at the flowers.

(740)I'm thinking of moving house next semester to becloserto campus.

(741)Go to the front row if you want to becloserto the teacher.

(742)Zoom in by oneclosernotice the intricate details of the carving.

(743)Mouse over the lecture slides to get aclosersee diagrams.

(744)The hunter hid behind the tree, waiting for his prey to comecloser.

(745)My friend decided to transfer to a community collegecloserfor home.

(746)The mentor advised the mentee to deviatecloserto the career path.

(747)Paint details slowly fade as you movecloser.

(748)The beauty of the work of art will reveal itself to thecloserinspection.

(749)sloppinesscloserto your teacher to ask questions and clarify doubts.

(750)The teacher waved for the students to comecloserfor the board.

(751)I am transferring my enrollment to a schoolcloserto my house.

(752)The photographer used a photographic zoom lens to obtain acloseroutlet.

(753)My former neighbor moved to another city to becloserthe family.

(754)The group's dalliance with a new hobby brought themclosertogether.

(755)The boredom of the long journey made him want to livecloserto work.

(756)I heard the bird's wings flapping, and I knew it was gettingcloser.

(757)How the lioness crawledcloser, her bow became more and more stealthy.

(758)Many religious rituals aim to bring seekerscloserthe ilumination.

(759)The intensity of actinism is greater in areascloserto the equator.

(760)The sound of the waterfall became heavier as we arrived.closerfor that.

(761)Can we switch seats so I can sitcloserto the front of the classroom?

(762)Ocloserthe more isobars together, the stronger the winds.

(763)He was honest about his feelings, and that made me feelcloserfor him.

(764)The marathoner continued advancingclosertowards the finish line.

(765)By shaving the corners, you will get acloserand a cleaner shave.

(766)The microscope apertures allowed acloserlook at the copy.

(767)The unitive force of nature brought people togethercloserFor the environment.

(768)The hunter crouching in the bushes, waiting for the deer to comecloser.

(769)Making love is an intimate act that brings two people togetherclosertogether.

(770)The stylites believed that living on a pillar brought themcloserto God.

(771)The sound of the distant train was imperceptible until it arrived.closer.

(772)He lubriciously ran his fingers through her hair, pulling hercloser.

(773)The long walk to class left me thirsty for acloserparking space.

(774)Inchcloserchallenging yourself to step out of your comfort zone.

(775)Inchcloserreflecting on your progress and areas for improvement.

(776)With each passing day, I advancecloserin the domain of the subject.

(777)By studying every day, I advancecloserto master the subject.

(778)The moon will orbit on a trajectory that brings itcloserdown to earth.

(779)The barber adjusted the clipper to a shorter length for aclosercut.

(780)The apparent size of a comet can change as it approachescloserin the sun.

(781)The explorer used a hunting horse to obtaincloserto wild animals.

(782)The sun will start to decline in the sky as it getscloserat sunset.

(783)The soccer net has been movedcloseronto the field for younger players.

(784)The detective took acloserlook at the evidence to solve the case.

(785)The snake moved slyly, waiting for its prey to comecloser.

(786)The cowardly dog ​​barked at the postman but ran away when he arrivedcloser.

(787)The car in front of us is gettingcloserecloserfor the red light.

(788)The death of a family member can bring peopleclosertogether.

(789)i had to slide my chaircloserto the screen to view the presentation.

(790)The finish line is gettingcloserand i can feel the pain in my legs.

(791)She held the blade in front of her, daring anyone to come.closer.

(792)Your ploy to getcloserfor the celebrity backfired when he got caught.

(793)I'm not sure I want to becomecloserfriends with my acquaintance.

(794)Cheat all you want, but it won't give you anythingcloserthe graduation.

(795)War can tear families apart, or it can bring them together.closertogether.

(796)He leaned across the table to pick one up.closerlook at the document.


(797)She tried not to flinch in fear as the spider crawledcloser.

(798)I want to start a new life in a place where I can becloserby nature

(799)to get aclosershave, soap in the direction of hair growth.

(800)The sound of the siren was a warning that the storm was comingcloser.

(801)let's give onecloserlook at the data to see if there are any patterns.

(802)The fisherman decided to put it for the fish to comecloserTo the coast.

(803)Making love is an intimate act that brings two people togetherclosertogether.

(804)The semi-comatose patient was transferred to the ICU forclosermonitoring.

(805)The distant figure in the mist was inconspicuous until they arrived.closer.

(806)The crowd rushed to the stage to get acloserlook at the band.

(807)Pillar through your exams and you'll be one stepcloserthe graduation.

(808)You will have to bend down to get one.closerlook at the microscope slide.

(809)The smell of the ocean began to diffuse as we arrived.closerto the beach.

(810)Cabin after cabin, we found ourselves stayingcloserto the mountains.

(811)Stalking your crush's friends won't help youcloserfor them.

(812)Can we switch seats for the seminar so I can sitcloserto the speaker?

(813)I'm thinking of moving house to becloserto my family and friends.

(814)The disbursement above the parking permit fee was for acloserparking space.

(815)We need to deviatecloserto the truth if we want to solve this problem.

(816)If you steal a base in baseball, you can advancecloserto home plate.

(817)Kneel down to get onecloserlook at that interesting insect on the floor.

(818)sloppinesscloserto the board to read the teacher's notes.

(819)The amount of anticipation increased when the birthday party startedcloser.

(820)The teacher movedcloserto students to help them with their work.

(821)The smaller the number, the morecloseryou are at the beginning of the line.

(822)The end of the movie is gettingcloserand I'm on the edge of my seat.

(823)The spiritual awakening of the community brought themclosertogether.

(824)She is going to change her address so she can becloserfor her family.

(825)He dragged his chaircloserto the fire, and she handed him a blanket.

(826)The storm was gettingcloser, so they decided to take shelter indoors.

(827)Berdaches were sometimes seen as having acloserconnection with nature.

(828)The catastas was a tragedy that brought the communityclosertogether.

(829)Traffic on the highway slowed down when we arrived.closerto our destination.

(830)I movedcloserto the stage, but still couldn't see the lead singer.

(831)she leanedcloserto him, and whispered in his ear that she loved him.

(832)The climber carefully advancedclosertowards the top of the mountain.

(833)The sandcastle began to spread out from the waves when the tide came in.closer.

(834)I caught a glimpse of someone's tattoo and had to take one outcloserto look.

(835)give acloserlook at the painting to appreciate the intricate details.

(836)I'll jump in and see if I can get onecloserto look.

(837)The hard work and dedication of the team helped them move forwardcloserFor victory.

(838)If you want to becloserto work you must move to the neighborhood.

(839)Alarm clock sound increases as you approachcloserto the defined time.

(840)The birdwatcher used his eyepieces to get acloserlook at the rare bird.

(841)The child was crawlingcloserto the TV to watch your favorite cartoon.

(842)Inchcloserbeing proactive and taking initiative in your education.

(843)Staying focused and dedicated, I move forwardcloserin obtaining my degree.

(844)While attending career fairs,closerto make valuable connections.

(845)The caterpillar crawled along the branch, making its way slowlycloserto your cocoon.

(846)the cat crawledcloserfor the mouse, but the mouse quickly ran away.

(847)The teacher movedcloserto the students and asked them to calm down.

(848)The kindness of the family reunion brought everyoneclosertogether.

(849)The ghoul's eyes glowed in the darkness as he crawledcloserto your prey.

(850)I'm staying off campus because I want to becloserfor my family.

(851)The group decided to divertcloserto the main idea of ​​the presentation.

(852)The coach advised the athletes to deviatecloserto your personal bests.

(853)The researcher proposed to deviatecloserfor the study hypothesis.

(854)The tutor encouraged the student to deviatecloserto the study schedule.

(855)sloppinesscloserto your group members so you can collaborate effectively.

(856)You can sit down for acloserlook at a work of art in a museum.

(857)Get down and get onecloserlook at the ingredients on the food label.

(858)The spider curled into a ball and waited for its prey to come.closer.

(859)The artist has carefully advancedcloserto complete your masterpiece.

(860)Basketball player had to get upcloserto the edge to make the dunk.

(861)The climbers slowly but surely advancedcloserto the top of the mountain.

(862)The pressure on the athlete increased as the competition approachedcloser.

(863)The hottest days are the ones I'd like to live incloserto the beach.

(864)Comforting a grieving family member can bring youclosertogether.

(865)The sun was advancingclosertowards the horizon, signaling the end of the day.

(866)In the state, students have the advantage of beingcloserfor home and family.

(867)When I'm homesick, kitaku helps me feelcloserto my loved ones.

(868)Domestication allowed humans to live incloserproximity to animals.

(869)Shave your arms in the direction of hair growth for aclosershave.

(870)Get down and have onecloserlook at this plant, it is very interesting.

(871)I'm thinking of moving house next semester to becloserto campus.

(872)Tourists clamored on the boat to get acloserlook at the whales.

(873)I transferred midway through my senior year to attend a universitycloserfor home.

(874)The dog was leaning against the leash, trying tocloserto its owner.

(875)The stock market index continued to advanceclosertoward an all-time high.

(876)the fox crawledcloserlooking at the hen towards the edge of the field.

(877)The doctor asked the patient to lean forward for a moment.closerexam.

(878)the siren gettingcloserit was a sign that something serious was going on.

(879)The hunter had to camouflage himself as a bush to getcloserfor your prey.

(880)The creature moved into the shadows, waiting for its prey to come.closer.

(881)With each passing minute, the athlete was able to advancecloserFor victory.

(882)The storm's intensity is forecast to increase as it movescloserland.

(883)The hiker brought a monocle to get acloserlook at the mountain range.

(884)The old man was pulling out his chaircloserto the fireplace to warm up.

(885)The woman was pulling out her chaircloserto the table to get your drink.

(886)The tiger cat's glossy fur gleamed in the moonlight as it crawledcloser.

(887)One stepcloseruntil graduation, I can't believe how fast time has flown by.

(888)As the semester progresses, I advancecloserin achieving my academic goals.

(889)As the semester progresses, I advancecloserto achieve my academic goals.

(890)The object of religion is to civilize the soul and bring uscloserto God.

(891)The lifeguard held out his palm to signal the swimmer to comecloser.

(892)The flagellant believed that his suffering would bring himcloserto God.

(893)The hypotensive patient was transferred to the ICU forclosermonitoring.

(894)The suspense intensified when the detective managed tocloserto solve the case.

(895)Some people believe that drinking holy wine can bring themcloserto God.

(896)Do I need to replace my trimmer blade to get aclosershave.

(897)I had to bend over beside the microscope to get acloserlook at the copy.

(898)During the exam, be sure to bend over to acloserread the questions.

(899)To accept the exam, you need to advancecloserto master the subject.

(900)To excel in sports, you need to advancecloserto perfect your technique.

(901)You can enter through the parking lot to find a spot.closerfor your class.

(902)Excitement for the upcoming event waned as the date approached.closer.

(903)Protesters had to push themselves against the fence to getcloserto the event.

(904)The birdwatcher managed to climb the tree to get acloserto look.

(905)you can movecloserso i can hear what you're saying?

(906)The banter during the family gathering brought everyoneclosertogether.

(907)They had to look for a new apartment that wascloserto their jobs.

(908)The solution to the problem seemed to materializecloserexam.

(909)The crowd began to gather behind the stage as the show approached.closer.

(910)The predator lurked out of sight, waiting for its prey to comecloser.

(911)The scientist held the specimen up to the camera for acloserexam.

(912)The joys of family reunion brought allclosertogether.

(913)The star's parallax shift indicated that it was movingcloserdown to earth.

(914)Inchclosernetwork with your peers and professionals in your field.

(915)Through hard work and perseverance, I advancecloserto get my dream job.

(916)I'm excited for inchescloserin discovering my true passions and interests.

(917)I'm motivated to move forwardcloserto make a positive impact in my community.

(918)Persevere in your studies, and you will be a stepping stone.closerto your dreams.

(919)The photographer used his binoculars to get aclosermountain photo.

(920)The storm was gettingcloserto the coast, and people began to evacuate.

(921)The car was gettingcloserto the intersection, so the driver slowed down.

(922)The tiger crouches in the tall grass, waiting for its prey to come.closer.

(923)The number of students in the classroom was decreasingcloserthe capacity.

(924)Anticipation for a long-awaited break will lessen as it approachescloser.

(925)The remote was out of reach so I had to walkcloserto the car to unlock it.

(926)The hunter lay down in the bushes and waited for the prey to comecloser.

(927)I'm always trying to find ways to getcloserto my passion above all others.

(928)I always park in the zone behind the dorms because it'scloserto my room.

(929)The teacher asked us to detourcloserto the topic of the research work.

(930)The tutor encouraged students to deviatecloserto your academic goals.

(931)The teacher instructed the class to divertcloserto the course program.

(932)I tried to get onecloserlook at the sparrow in front of me, but he flew away.

(933)The kids were excited as we went down the ballooncloserfor the ground.

(934)The birdwatcher waded through the rapids to get acloserlook at the waterfowl.

(935)We cannot afford to kill the change that will bring uscloserto our goals.

(936)The waves started to riseclosertowards the coast, signaling a possible storm.

(937)The thread in the light of the candle flame seemed to be calling mecloser.

(938)The singer's latest album helped them growcloserto the top of the charts.

(939)he leanedcloser, his breathy whispers sending shivers down her spine.

(940)The fear in my heart grew more intense when I heard the footsteps getting closer.closer.

(941)The damper on the doorcloserprevented it from closing too quickly.

(942)The family decided to immigrate to Germany tocloserto your relatives.

(943)One stepcloserto fulfill my dream of becoming a successful entrepreneur.

(944)The provisional allocation of accommodation will be confirmedcloserchange day.

(945)I'm excited for inchescloserin exploring new opportunities and experiences.

(946)When looking for internships, I advancecloserto gain real-world experience.

(947)Analysis is like taking acloserlook at something to understand it better.

(948)The blueshift in the siren's tone suggests that it is gettingcloser.

(949)The factitious nature of the painting was revealed undercloserinspection.

(950)The amber past of my family's Christmas traditions brings usclosertogether.

(951)With each passing day, we must move forwardcloserto achieve our academic goals.

(952)Students were able to advance and obtain acloserlook at the artwork.

(953)Your handwriting is so sloppycloserinspection, I can barely read it.

(954)The instructor reminded the class to swervecloserto learning outcomes.

(955)sloppinesscloserto the screen so you can see the details of the presentation.

(956)The project moved forward, with each step bringing mecloserfor completion.

(957)You can lift and adjust the microphone so that it iscloserto your mouth?

(958)The lifeguard signaled the swimmer for them to comecloserto the coast.

(959)The trampoline allowed the gymnast to jump higher andcloserto the horizon.

(960)The diver decided to dive over the coral reef to get acloserto look.

(961)The back entrance iscloserwhere we're going so let's park in the back.

(962)Astronauts are planning to arrivecloserto Saturn to study its atmosphere.

(963)With every step I take, I sink deeper into ecstasy andcloserin interior paz.

(964)She pulled the rope forward, trying to pull the boatcloserTo the coast.

(965)They reluctantly coped with the long commute, wishing they would livecloserto work.

(966)The barber instructed me to shave against the wall to get aclosershave.

(967)The turkey was at hunting distance and the hunter crept silentlycloser.

(968)The caterpillar leapt along the branch, inching its way forward.closerto your destination.

(969)The crowd was pushing past the barricades, trying tocloserto the stage.

(970)The canoeist leaned over the rails to get acloserwatch the fish below.

(971)The boisterous crowd at the show pushed and shoved to getcloserto the stage.

(972)The surface mounted doorclosermade sure the door closed properly every time.

(973)The artist crouched down to get acloserlook at the painting she was working on.

(974)I wish there was an IKEAcloserto my house so I could shop there more often.

(975)When shaving around your chin, pull the skin taut to get aclosershave.

(976)I am planning to change residence next semester to becloserto my internship.

(977)Adversity can make us feel alone, but it can also bring uscloserfor others.

(978)The feeling of heaviness intensified as the baby movedcloserdeliver.

(979)The fans invaded the stage, trying tocloserto your favorite singer.

(980)The lighthouse of friendship brought peoplecloserand strengthened their bonds.

(981)Ocloserwe got to the city, more traffic we found on the highway.

(982)How the deadline comescloser, the pressure to finish the project increases.

(983)When the fire began to subside, the group gatheredclosertogether for the heat.

(984)He's always complaining about the commute but he doesn't budgecloserto work.

(985)Biggin's architecture is stunning, well worth a lookcloserto look.

(986)The museum guide took us to a private bunk near the exhibit for acloserto look.

(987)Anticipation for the upcoming event began to wane as the date approached.closer.

(988)She gestured for him to comecloser, and she whispered something in his ear.

(989)Whenever they tried something bizarre, it always brought themclosertogether.

(990)Bow down to onecloserlook at microscopic organisms under the microscope.

(991)How the exam attractedcloser, I could feel myself shaking inside with nervousness.

(992)The army was tearing down enemy defenses, advancingcloserFor victory.

(993)We are planning to move to the suburbs to becloserto our family and friends.

(994)The spacecraft will use its thrusters to obtaincloserto Saturn and enter its orbit.

(995)The boat was too big to lift, so we had to use the engine to get there.closer.

(996)She almost made it through the long commute, but then she found a job.closerfor home.

(997)Before making any decision, make aclosersee all available options.

(998)The power of love can break the bond of bondage and bring usclosertogether.

(999)The hunter's heart raced when he heard the beastscloserecloser.

(1000)The snake lay motionless in the grass, waiting for its prey to comecloser.

(1001)The multi-blade razor provided aclosershave than any other razor I've ever used.

(1002)Attending to business hours, I advancecloserunderstand difficult concepts.

(1003)The birdwatcher used his binoculars to get aclosersee the rare species.

(1004)she tried to getclosertoward the fire, but the cold wind continued to push her back.

(1005)The kindred connection between the families brought themclosertogether.

(1006)The teacher asked us to make acloserangle on the topic of climate change.

(1007)There was a puppy near the dorms last night, but he ran away when I arrived.closer.

(1008)The expansion of the museum exhibition allowed acloserlook for artifacts.

(1009)Inhale the scent of your partner's cologne or perfume to feelcloserfor them.

(1010)Making amends by finding common ground and shared interests can bring youcloser.

(1011)I had to hold my phonecloserin my face to stop seeing double text messages.

(1012)The artist had to kneel under the canvas to get aclosersee details.

(1013)I am transferring from this school to becloserfor my significant other.

(1014)Aim for onecloserexamination of the historical artifacts in the museum.

(1015)The student worked hard to advancecloserto achieve your academic goals.

(1016)The company's profits continued to growcloseragainst your quarterly target.

(1017)The sun-drenched ocean shimmered in the distance, inviting us to comecloser.

(1018)Remember to swim during the dive to get acloserlook at the coral reef.

(1019)The worker carefully advancedcloserto the edge of the roof to fix a leak.

(1020)The blue-shifted radio waves suggested the source was moving.closerfor us.

(1021)The faithful believed that saying our fathers would bring themcloserto God.

(1022)The plateau offers a slower pace of life and acloserconnection with nature.

(1023)The detective took off his hand glasses to get aclosersee the evidence.

(1024)Ocloserthe closer the deadline gets, the more nervous I get to finish my project.

(1025)The scientist used a retractor to move the microscope slide onecloserto look.

(1026)I wish my stepsister and I werecloser, but we just don't have much in common.

(1027)I am grateful for the opportunity to receive baptism and becomecloserto God.

(1028)The audience crowded towards the stage to get acloserlook at the artists.

(1029)Through hard work and dedication, I advancecloserto reach my full potential.

(1030)The scientist lowered the microscope to obtain acloserlook at the copy.

(1031)Some people have acloserrelationship with your blood relatives than others.

(1032)The more I practice, the morecloserI manage to master this difficult piano piece.

(1033)The tutor was gesturing for the student to comecloserand see the problem.

(1034)The caterpillar crawled along the branch, making its way slowlycloserthe leaves.

(1035)The family decided to resettle in a different state to becloserto relatives.

(1036)The lack of parking spaces caused commuting students to complain for acloserver.

(1037)The librarian suggested that the student deviatecloserto relevant sources.

(1038)Fans stormed beyond the stage to get acloserlook at your favorite band.

(1039)i could see the towercloserto the science building from my dorm window.

(1040)A torrecloserto the theater building is where the campus drama club meets.

(1041)A torrecloserThe math building is where the campus math lab is located.

(1042)The guide instructed us to tie up beside the waterfall for acloserto look.

(1043)Aim for onecloserlook at microscopic organisms under the microscope.

(1044)Tension builds towards the end of the game when the score becomescloser.

(1045)Divers had to pull the anchor to bring the boatcloserto the dive site.

(1046)The diver had to dive forward to obtain acloserlook at the coral reef.

(1047)I decided to go into the river to catch acloserlook at the beautiful waterfall.

(1048)The caterpillar glided forward on its many legs,closerThe leaf.

(1049)give acloserlook at the ingredients list to make sure there are no allergens.

(1050)Oclosertwo genes are on a chromosome, the fewer centimorgans separate them.

(1051)Hajj is a beautiful and humbling experience that brings Muslimscloserfor Allah.

(1052)The technology startup is based in Silicon Valley to becloserto investors.

(1053)Neon city lights glow in the distance, beckoning uscloser.

(1054)The ultrastructural image allowed acloserobserve the structure of the virus.

(1055)By joining clubs and organizations on campus,closerto find my niche.

(1056)By taking on challenging courses, I advancecloserto strive academically.

(1057)If you want to becloserfor your work, you must move close to your place of work.

(1058)The positive side of the pandemic is that it brought my familyclosertogether.

(1059)The pieces of the puzzle were getting more and more difficult ascloserto finish it.

(1060)The blue shift in the sound of the ambulance suggests that it is gettingcloser.

(1061)The runner was gettingcloserto the finish line, and the crowd cheered louder.

(1062)Packing for school is a reminder that I'm one step awaycloserto reach my goals.

(1063)I heard the cry of the lapwing from afar, and it attracted mecloserto where it was.

(1064)The flashy sports car in the window enticed him to take a look.closerto look.

(1065)I had to pour through the sea of ​​people at the show to getcloserto the stage.

(1066)Complaining about the success of others will not bring you any.closerto your own goals.

(1067)I was curious about the rustling in the bushes and decided to take a lookcloserto look.

(1068)I always feelcloserto my friends after we've laughed ourselves to tears together.

(1069)Continue with your studies and you will be one stepcloserto achieve your dreams.

(1070)A torrecloserfor the law school is where the campus legal clinic is located.

(1071)I am planning to transfer from this institution to becloserfor my family.

(1072)The journey wore on, with each mile bringing mecloserto my destiny.

(1073)The silhouette of the city skyline began to materialize ahead as we flewcloser.

(1074)The shape of the island began to materialize as we sailedcloserto the coast.

(1075)The car behind me started to back up.closerto my bumper, making me feel uncomfortable.

(1076)The fragrance of her cologne smelled seductively, making her want tocloser.

(1077)It's always good to take acloserlook at your work before submitting it.

(1078)The drone was programmed to descend to an altitude of 50 feet for acloserto look.

(1079)We decided to wander the prairie to get acloserlook at the wildflowers.

(1080)Teeth on backsaws are typically smaller andclosertogether than other saws.

(1081)Compassions can bring uscloserto our own sense of purpose and meaning in life.

(1082)The artist used a pince-nez to obtain acloserNote the details of your painting.

(1083)We could hear the noise of the locos in the distance, gettingcloserecloser.

(1084)The passion between the two lovers was irresistible, drawing them together.closertogether.

(1085)The birdwatcher used his binoculars to get aclosereyeshot of rare species.

(1086)The impressive architecture of the building appears as we walkcloser.

(1087)By staying organized and focused, I advancecloserin managing my time effectively.

(1088)By taking on leadership roles, I advancecloserto develop my management skills.

(1089)The Kabbalist believed that the study of Kabbalah could bringcloserto God.

(1090)Conversation in the library began to subside ascloserat closing time.

(1091)OcloserAs we get to the election, the more heated the political debates become.

(1092)Although she complains about her commute, she refuses to move.closerto work.

(1093)The coves were full of colorful fish, and we'd dive in to catch one.closerto look.

(1094)The teacher's stern warning constrained the students to paycloserattention.

(1095)The teacher waved for the students to comecloserand listen to his talk.

(1096)The gondola gently rocked in the water and the couple snuggled togetherclosertogether.

(1097)Excitement for the next event began to wane as the date approached.closer.

(1098)A smile for your parents during a video call can make them feelcloserfor you.

(1099)The designated port iscloserto the bathroom so you can use it before you go out.

(1100)I carefully placed the sheet under the microscope slide tocloserexam.

(1101)The advisor suggested that the student do the derivationcloserto your career aspirations.

(1102)A torreclosertowards the art building is where the campus art gallery is located.

(1103)The golfer decided to jump out of the bunker to getcloserto the hole.

(1104)The scent of her perfume was enough to seduce him beautifully, luring himcloser.

(1105)The water polo player walked with his back to his teammate who wascloserto the goal.

(1106)The patient will be transferred to the intensive care unit forclosermonitoring.

(1107)The artist knelt down on one knee to obtain acloserNote the details of your painting.

(1108)Despite the obstacles, we keep moving forwardcloserto the finish line of our goal.

(1109)The excruciatingly long commute to work got me thinking about finding a job.closerfor home.

(1110)The refractivity of water makes objects appearcloserthan they really are.

(1111)The mirage in the desert was an illusory oasis that disappeared when we arrivedcloser.

(1112)Cling to your family traditions and the rituals that bring youclosertogether.

(1113)I'm motivated to move forwardcloserin making a positive impact on the world around me.

(1114)While attending workshops and seminars,closerto expand my knowledge base.

(1115)While attending networking events,closerto build my professional network.

(1116)I need to getcloseronto the stage, but I don't want to lose my place in the crowd.

(1117)The finish line was in sight, and the runners were gettingcloserwith every step.

(1118)The two actors were receivingcloser, and their on-screen chemistry was undeniable.

(1119)The road was barren, but they knew they were gettingcloserto your destination.

(1120)The toll of the long commute was exhausting so I decided to movecloserto work.

(1121)The number of available seats will decrease as the movie iscloserto begin.

(1122)My cousin is an immigrant who moved to another state to becloserfor her family.

(1123)The number of people attending the concert will increase as the date approaches.closer.

(1124)I wanted to get onecloserlook at the beehive, but I was afraid of being stung.

(1125)The two friends walkedcloseramong themselves, and they began to whisper secrets.

(1126)Ocloserthe isobars are close together, the stronger the winds in that area.

(1127)The adventurer decided to rappel down the volcano to get acloserlook at the lava.

(1128)Excitement for the upcoming event began to wane as the date approached.closer.

(1129)I saw a kelpie in the river, but it disappeared before I could catch one.closerto look.

(1130)Traffic on the road began to thin out as we arrived.closerto our destination.

(1131)To become a published author, you must advancecloserto complete your manuscript.

(1132)The scientist pushed the microscope to get acloserlook at the copy.

(1133)As the project deadline approaches, we need to deviatecloserto our goals.

(1134)The dean urged the faculty to divertcloserthe university's mission statement.

(1135)Fans gather under the stage to get acloserlook at your favorite band.

(1136)The golfer decided to play a swing and run to catch the ball.closerto the hole.

(1137)The predator used to lurk in the shadows, waiting for its prey to come.closer.

(1138)I saw a beautiful flower and decided to go by her side to have a look.closerto look.

(1139)The fox would sneak in and out of the bushes, waiting for its prey to come.closer.

(1140)The outline of the mountain range began to materialize ahead as we drovecloser.

(1141)The chess player made a strategic move that allowed him to advancecloserFor victory.

(1142)The convertible had low seats that made the driver feelcloserto the road.

(1143)The politician domiciled in the capital to becloserto the seat of power.

(1144)The evangelist's mission was to lead peoplecloserto God and help them find peace.

(1145)The unenviable commute to work got me thinking about finding a jobcloserfor home.

(1146)The frank conversation between the two friends brought themclosertogether.

(1147)Gravitational field flux density is strongercloserto massive objects.

(1148)I am confident that I will move forwardcloserin achieving academic excellence this year.

(1149)With every challenge I face, I move forwardcloserin developing my problem-solving skills.

(1150)I wish I had livedcloserto campus so I didn't have to come home every day.

(1151)Some people emigrate to becloserto nature and enjoy a more peaceful way of life.

(1152)The sun was going down, and darkness was gettingcloserwith each passing minute.

(1153)I wish I had livedcloserto school so I don't have to come home every day.

(1154)I need to transfer my enrollment to a school that iscloserto my internship location.

(1155)The abomination was a sight to behold, and I couldn't resist taking a look.closerto look.

(1156)The captain allowed me to change to a different berth which wascloserto the deck.

(1157)he wanted to getcloserfor his family, so he decided to return to his hometown.

(1158)The positive side of the pandemic is that it brought familiesclosertogether.

(1159)To improve your grades, you must advancecloserto understand the course material.

(1160)The mentor advised the mentee to deviatecloseryour personal development goals.

(1161)A torrecloserto the historic building is where the campus archives are located.

(1162)The bird watcher entered the creek to get aclosersee the rare species of birds.

(1163)The deceptively patient spider sat in its web, waiting for its prey to come.closer.

(1164)I prefer to park on the street because it iscloserat the entrance of the building.

(1165)we want to becloserto nature, so let's move from the city to a rural area.

(1166)She moved discreetlycloserto listen to the important business discussion.

(1167)The pastor's mission is to mission the community and lead peoplecloserto God.

(1168)The bird perched cataleptically on the branch, waiting for its prey to come.closer.

(1169)We can squeeze in one more person if we move the chairsclosertogether.

(1170)Gratitude spiritualizes the act of appreciation and brings uscloserto the divine.

(1171)Frogfish have a modified dorsal fin that acts like a fishing rod to attract prey.closer.

(1172)By seeking new perspectives and ideas, I move forwardcloserby broadening my horizons.

(1173)When attending job interviews, I spendcloserto secure a job upon graduation.

(1174)The finish line is gettingcloserand I can hear the announcer calling my name.

(1175)The two friends were gettingcloser, and their bond was getting stronger every day.

(1176)The saying has been misunderstood by many, but onecloserexamination revealed his wisdom.

(1177)the storm grewcloserecloser, and we knew we had to take cover before it hit.

(1178)Some people emigrate to becloserfor loved ones already living in a new country.

(1179)The rural lifestyle offers a slower pace of life and acloserconnection with nature.

(1180)My mother says that praying is a spiritual practice that helps her feelcloserto God.

(1181)My grandmother is an immigrant who moved to our country to becloserto her grandchildren.

(1182)I saw a black horse at the county fair and couldn't resist taking a look.closerto look.

(1183)the baby crawlscloserto the edge of the bed, but the mother quickly grabbed him.

(1184)The sudden change in the teacher's tone startled me andcloserattention.

(1185)To become a skilled chef, you need to advancecloserto master culinary techniques.

(1186)The speaker emphasized the importance of the shuntcloserto the course objectives.

(1187)I'm tired of the long drive to campus, I need to find acloserplace to live.

(1188)The number of people in the library dwindled downstairs ascloserat closing time.

(1189)To obtaincloserfor the target, the detective had to disguise himself as a businessman.

(1190)the car moved forwardclosertoward the intersection, waiting for the light to turn green.

(1191)The spacecraft is programmed to obtaincloserto Saturn for a better view of its rings.

(1192)The tour guide took us through the canals to get acloserlook at the mangroves.

(1193)The student's diligent study allowed them to advancecloserto the top of the class.

(1194)The child advanced nervouslyclosertowards the edge of the pool, hesitating to jump.

(1195)Philhellene politician defendedcloserties between Greece and your country.

(1196)The show was a madhouse with the fans pushing and shoving to getcloserto the stage.


(1197)The lion was lying in wait for the herd of gazelles to comecloserto the water well.

(1198)The scent of the flowers became noticeably stronger ascloserto the garden.

(1199)The squid's tentacles were used to capture prey and bring it backcloserto your beak.

(1200)The projector cable was too short so we had to move the screencloser.

(1201)With the help of my teachers and peers, I advancecloserin overcoming any obstacles.

(1202)I am confident that I will move forwardcloserin achieving my long-term career aspirations.

(1203)By networking with professionals in my field, I advancecloserto get my dream job.

(1204)While volunteering in my community, I spendcloserto become a complete individual.

(1205)By setting and achieving small goals, I move forwardcloserto reach my long term goals.

(1206)Some people emigrate to becloserto nature or to live a more sustainable lifestyle.

(1207)They laughed at the memory of their first meeting, and it brought themclosertogether.

(1208)he was gettingcloserfor retirement, but he still had a few more years of work.

(1209)The more you sell, the morecloserwe reached our goal of at least five items per student.

(1210)The kind act of forgiveness can heal relationships and bring people together.closertogether.

(1211)The children fought with each other to get acloserlook at the animals in the zoo.

(1212)The city's neon lights glowed in the distance, beckoning us to comecloser.

(1213)The air hose was too short so I had to move the compressorcloserto the desktop.

(1214)Grief is a difficult experience, but it can also take peopleclosertogether.

(1215)I saw a blowfly in the garden, but it flew away before I could catch one.closerto look.

(1216)I always feel like I'm gettingcloserto my goals as I walk up the hill to campus.

(1217)The teacher waved for the students to comecloserand listen to his talk.

(1218)The number of available parking spaces has decreased ascloserto the center of campus.

(1219)The team captain instructed the players to dodgecloserthe ball during the game.

(1220)A torrecloserfor the student center is where the campus radio station is located.

(1221)A torrecloserto the music building is where the campus radio station is located.

(1222)Aim for onecloserobserve the chemical reaction taking place in the experiment.

(1223)Every step you take towards your goals is a stepcloserto climb towards success.

(1224)Hit by the end of the semester and you'll be one stepcloserto your degree.

(1225)The commute to work was too long, so we chose to settle in the suburbs.closerto our jobs.

(1226)The wretched beyond seemed to be calling mecloser, his bony fingers outstretched.

(1227)The spacecraft will make a flyby to obtaincloserto Saturn and collect more information.

(1228)Scientists are eager to getcloserto Saturn and explore its moons for signs of life.

(1229)The diver reversed underwater to obtain acloserlook at the coral reef.

(1230)We saw a beaver dam on the side channels, so we waded in for a drink.closerto look.

(1231)The cat walked slowlycloserto the edge of the table, looking at the plate of food.

(1232)The bird perched on the branch, moving forwardcloserto the edge before taking flight.

(1233)The association agreement is a significant step towardscloserpolitical cooperation.

(1234)The team's energy was starting to rise when they gotcloserto the championship game.

(1235)The city skyline was dipping into the distance as we drovecloserto our destination.

(1236)One stepcloserto reach my fitness goals, I'm proud of the progress I've made.

(1237)The dot on the screen kept movingcloserecloseruntil it fills the entire frame.

(1238)The deadline was approaching and they were gettingcloserto complete the project.

(1239)The two countries were receivingcloser, and their diplomatic relations were improving.

(1240)She decided to transfer to a different college so that she could becloserfor her family.

(1241)Ocloserwe got to the finish line, the more determined I was to cross it first.

(1242)The tide was rising and we could see the water risingcloserto our beach chairs.

(1243)The birdwatcher used his binoculars to get aclosersee the rare species of birds.

(1244)The excitement of the game began to wane as the clock tickedcloseruntil the end.

(1245)The more I learn about the subject, the morecloserI feel that I am achieving my academic goals.

(1246)The dog barked scathingly at the postman, but then wagged its tail when he camecloser.

(1247)The hiker climbedcloserto the peak of the mountain, and the view became more breathtaking.

(1248)The plane was gettingcloserto the airport, and passengers prepared for disembarkation.

(1249)The student with physical disabilities requested a parking spacecloserto the building.

(1250)I knew I was making itcloserto my destiny when I saw the glow in the distance.

(1251)The cord behind the blender was too short so we had to move it.closerfor the take.

(1252)To secure a scholarship, you need to advancecloserto meet the eligibility criteria.

(1253)To become a proficient writer, you need to advancecloserto improve your writing skills.

(1254)The counselor recommended that the student do the derivationcloseryour mental health goals.

(1255)The advisor recommended that the student do the derivationclosergraduation requirements.

(1256)A torrecloserfor the business school is where the campus career center is located.

(1257)Move forward and remember that every step you take brings youcloserto your dreams.

(1258)I had to go through the group of people at the show to getcloserto the stage.

(1259)The crowd invaded the stage, trying to get acloserlook at the performer.

(1260)The road began to fork towards the center of town, indicating that we were approaching.closer.

(1261)After making a mistake at work, he mocked himself for not payingcloserattention.

(1262)The telescope needs to be adjusted to obtaincloserto Saturn and capture sharper images.

(1263)The image of the city began to materialize below us as we flewcloserfor the ground.

(1264)The intricate details of the painting mesmerized us beautifully, drawing us incloser.

(1265)it's important to take acloserLook at your finances before making big purchases.

(1266)The recent acquisition of the company helped them to growcloserto the top of your industry.

(1267)Can we reschedule our dinner to a different restaurant that iscloserto my house?

(1268)The birdwatcher struggled down the riverbank to get aclosersee the rare species.

(1269)Some people emigrate to becloserfor a partner or spouse living in another country.

(1270)The finish line is gettingcloserand I can feel the excitement building within me.

(1271)She worked harder than ever, and she was gettingcloserto achieve its objectives.

(1272)Grief is a difficult experience, but it can also take familiesclosertogether.

(1273)Some people emigrate to becloserto nature or to live in a more peaceful environment.

(1274)The austere living conditions were difficult, but they brought the familyclosertogether.

(1275)How the cumulus cloud movedcloser, the sound of thunder became louder and more frequent.

(1276)The road seemed to curve, but we couldn't be sure until we reachedcloser.

(1277)We could see the buoy in the distance so we knew we were comingcloserTo the coast.

(1278)I'm going to have to start sittingcloserto the radiator so it doesn't have to get cold.

(1279)I wish I could livecloserto campus, but the rent above these apartments is too high.

(1280)Spectators were eager to get up on stage to get acloserlook at the band.

(1281)To land your dream job, you need to move forwardcloserto build your professional network.

(1282)To become a proficient programmer, you must advancecloserto master coding languages.

(1283)It's easy to hear poorly in a noisy classroom, so make sure you sitcloserfoward.

(1284)Tourists bypassed security barriers to obtain acloserlook at the waterfall.

(1285)The preacher's sermon was designed to awaken the masses and bring themcloserto God.

(1286)The hiker spotted a beautiful waterfall and started running to catch one.closerto look.

(1287)The family has decided to cut back on holiday spending this year and staycloserfor home.

(1288)The soldier trembled in terror as he heard the sound of incoming enemy gunfire.closer.

(1289)The table was crooked across the room, with one endcloseron the wall than the other.

(1290)The snake started to risecloserto the driver, who quickly grabbed him by the tail.

(1291)The start of the concert got the crowd moving to getcloserto the stage.

(1292)The marathon runner's constant pace allowed him to advancecloserfor victory every mile.

(1293)The student’s diligent study helped her advancecloserfor victory in the next exam.

(1294)Kishida has been a strong advocate ofcloserrelations between Japan and the United States.

(1295)Our differences should not divide us as equals, but rather bring us together.closertogether.

(1296)A sincere apology can revive a damaged relationship and bring people together.closertogether.

(1297)The tour guide instructed the tourists to confine themselves to the side of the exhibit for acloserto look.

(1298)I'm determined to move forwardcloserin becoming a well-rounded and experienced individual.

(1299)I'm determined to move forwardcloserin becoming a lifelong learner and pursuing my passions.

(1300)I prefer to use a safety razor as it provides aclosershave and is more environmentally friendly.

(1301)I could feel myself starting to go crazy with anticipation as the show approached.closer.

(1302)The therapist was able to mediate a family conflict and bring everyoneclosertogether.

(1303)Some people emigrate to becloserfor friends or loved ones who live in another country.

(1304)Investing in your relationships with your siblings can lead to acloserfamily dynamics.

(1305)Some people emigrate to becloserfor cultural events or to live in a more vibrant city.

(1306)Some people emigrate to becloserfor family members who already live in a new country.

(1307)Buffering could be a sign of a weak Wi-Fi signal so I need to movecloserto the router.

(1308)Despite my fear of insects, I couldn't resist taking a look.closerlook at the colorful beetle.

(1309)the couple walkedcloserto the beach, and they could feel the sand between their toes.

(1310)I prefer to use a razor over an electric one because it gives me aclosershave.

(1311)The tour guide asked the group to bend down for acloserlook at the historic monument.

(1312)To become a successful artist, you need to advancecloserto develop your unique style.

(1313)I'm thinking of moving house to becloserto my internship and gain more experience.

(1314)A torrecloserfor the athletic fields this is where the campus security office is located.

(1315)How the clock tickedcloserby midnight the party was down to a few dogged dancers.

(1316)The caterpillar continued to crawl forward with ease,closerto your destination.

(1317)The doctor asked the patient to approach the head of the bed for acloserexam.

(1318)My job requires me to move to the suburbs, which iscloserto the company's headquarters.

(1319)The objective of the mission is to achievecloserto Saturn and collect data on its magnetic field.

(1320)The research team is determined to obtaincloserto Saturn and discover its mysteries.

(1321)Sharing intimately with someone can be scary, but it can also bringclosertogether.

(1322)The hard work and dedication of the team helped them move forwardcloserto the top of the ranking.

(1323)Despite facing numerous obstacles, she kept moving forward.closerto the top of your field.

(1324)The sales team's successful pitch helped them move forwardcloserto victory in the competition.

(1325)Shaving against the grain can be uncomfortable, but it's worth it for one.closershave.

(1326)Desert swamps can be deceiving, as it often seems.closerof what it really is.

(1327)How did the concert attractcloser, I could feel myself starting to go crazy with anticipation.

(1328)Some people emigrate to becloserto family members who already live in another country.

(1329)She is planning to move somewherecloserto her family, but she hasn't decided where to go yet.

(1330)The fisherman had to bait the fish to attract them.closerto the boat.

(1331)The more I learn about the subject, the morecloserSorry to understand your complexities.

(1332)The cat hid behind the curtains, patiently waiting for its prey to come.closer.

(1333)The cat sat on the windowsill, winking at the birds outside, hoping to attract them.closer.

(1334)The more I got to know him, the morecloserbecame, until we were practically inseparable.

(1335)Some people emigrate to beclosernatural beauty or outdoor recreation opportunities.

(1336)The owner requested that the balusters be spacedclosertogether for security reasons.

(1337)Agonizing moments can bring peopleclosertogether as they depend on each other for support.

(1338)The coolness of the night air made the stars shine brighter and the moon seemedcloser.

(1339)The ascetic lifestyle was a challenge, but it brought himcloserto your spiritual goals.

(1340)It is important to move forwardcloseryour career aspirations by gaining relevant experience.

(1341)The plant was struggling to leaf towards the light, so we moved it.closerto the window.

(1342)The number of available parking spaces dwindled as we arrived.closerto the event location.

(1343)The predator used to hide under the bushes, waiting for its prey to come.closer.

(1344)The sound of the waterfall began to materialize ahead as we walkedcloserto the source.

(1345)Forcloserto Saturn, said the astronomer, pointing at the planet through his telescope.

(1346)The company's innovative strategies have enabled them to advancecloserto the top of the market.

(1347)The company's innovative product design helped them advancecloserto win the market.

(1348)the car moved forwardclosertoward the side of the road as the driver struggled to stay awake.

(1349)The show turned into a bear pit as fans rushed the stage tocloserfor the band.

(1350)Only children can havecloserrelationship with parents than with siblings.

(1351)Is the individual's suspicious behavior justifying acloserlook out for law enforcement.

(1352)It's hard to hear in a noisy classroom, so try to sitcloserto the speaker.

(1353)Some people emigrate to becloserto the sea or the mountains and enjoy outdoor activities.

(1354)Marriage is a beautiful union that can bring two peopleclosertogether than ever.

(1355)The plane was gettingcloserto their destination, and the passengers were getting excited.

(1356)The mediator's conciliatory efforts helped to bring the two sides closer together.closerto a resolution.

(1357)The act of repenting of your sins is a humbling experience that brings youcloserto God.

(1358)If you want a good view of the stage, you'll have to pushcloserfoward.

(1359)To become a confident public speaker, you need to advancecloserto overcome stage fright.

(1360)To become a successful marketer, you must advancecloserto understand consumer behavior.

(1361)A torrecloserto the engineering building is where the campus robotics lab is located.

(1362)The emotion of the show had me weaving through the crowd to getcloserto the stage.

(1363)I'm trying to improve my writing by payingcloserNote where I made a mistake in the punctuation.

(1364)Birdwatchers had to shore up the top of the tree to get acloserlook at the rare bird.

(1365)The wretched beyond seemed to be taunting me, daring me to comecloserand face my fears.

(1366)The stylist asked the model to lift the dress to the camera for acloserto look.

(1367)it's important to take acloserlook at your health and well-being to ensure a happy life.

(1368)His consistent on-court performance helped him advancecloserto the top of the ranking.

(1369)The athlete's rigorous training regimen helped them advancecloserto the top of your sport.

(1370)The photographer advancedclosertowards the edge of the canyon to capture the perfect shot.

(1371)The tightrope walks forwardclosertoward the edge of the wire, balancing with each step.

(1372)Going to the community church brought themclosertogether and strengthened their bonds.

(1373)The object of Black Jack is to have a hand that iscloserto 21 than the dealer's hand.

(1374)As I participate in class discussions, I have advancedcloserto improve my communication skills.

(1375)As I participate in research projects, I stepclosercontribute to my field of study.

(1376)Some people emigrate to becloserto your significant other who lives in another country.

(1377)The two colleagues were receivingcloser, and they were starting to collaborate on projects.

(1378)Some people emigrate to becloserto your loved ones who already live in another country.

(1379)The blue shift in the frequency of the bird's song indicates that the bird is becomingcloser.

(1380)As for the party, I don't know if I'll be able to go, but I'll let you knowcloserto date

(1381)The painting was so beautiful to the eye, but to thecloserinspection, we noticed some flaws.

(1382)the sun was settingclosertowards the horizon, and the sky turned a beautiful shade of orange.

(1383)A torreclosernext to the education building is where the campus tutoring center is located.

(1384)If you are running late, go to the parking lot to find a spot.closerfor your class.

(1385)You can lean towards the front of the room to get aclosersee teacher notes.

(1386)Hit by the end of the semester and you'll be one stepcloserto your career goals.

(1387)The museum exhibit was popular and visitors had to crowd the hall to get acloserto look.

(1388)The football team made progresscloserfor a fourth-quarter comeback win.

(1389)The cat used a toy mouse along with playful movements to attract the bird.closerat your reach.

(1390)The jet fighter started to rearcloserto the enemy aircraft, ready to enter combat.

(1391)Family members who communicate regularly tend to havecloserrelationships.

(1392)The birdwatcher used his binoculars to get acloserlook at the bird perched on the tree branch.

(1393)The show turned into a bear pit as the fans pushed and pushed to getcloserto the stage.

(1394)As I seek feedback from teachers,closerto improve my academic performance.

(1395)If you want to becloserto your classes, you must approach the academic buildings.

(1396)Caper was a bonding experience for the group of friends, bringing themclosertogether.

(1397)He practiced asceticism for religious reasons, and feltcloserto your faith as a result.

(1398)With a nod of his head, he motioned for her to come.closerso he could whisper in her ear.

(1399)In summary, the proposal seemed reasonable, but at the same timecloserinspection, it was defective.

(1400)Some students may move to a different college in order to becloserto family or friends.

(1401)To become a successful entrepreneur, you must advancecloserto develop your business plan.

(1402)To become a skilled musician, you must advancecloserto practice your instrument every day.

(1403)The birdwatcher used a hunting horse to obtaincloserfor the birds without scaring them.

(1404)The two friends were gettingcloser, and they were starting to share more personal stories.

(1405)The bombing was a reminder of the fragility of life and brought peopleclosertogether.

(1406)Lately I've been spending more time with my family, and that's brought usclosertogether.

(1407)The company decided to move to a new location, which wascloserto your target market.

(1408)O corpo flácido da cobra jazia imóvel no chão, esperando a chegada de sua presa.closer.

(1409)He couldn't make out the words on the sign from afar, so he walkedcloserto read it.

(1410)The blue shift in the sound of the waves suggests that they are gettingcloserTo the coast.

(1411)The blueshift in the sound of the crowd suggests they're gettingcloserto the stage.

(1412)The child leaned forward to the TV screen to get acloserlook at the cartoon characters.

(1413)The long journey has been challenging, but we are finally moving forward.closerto the finish line.

(1414)The field line of the magnetic field is strongercloserto the wire and weaker further.

(1415)The locavore lifestyle promotes sustainable agriculture and acloserground connection.

(1416)The excitement of the trip began to wane as the groupcloserto your destination.

(1417)Though they faced many challenges, their adventure brought themclosertogether as a team.

(1418)The cat was advancingcloserecloserfor the mouse, but the mouse was too fast and escaped.

(1419)As the deadline for the final project approaches, it's time to move forward.closerto complete it.

(1420)To become a successful leader, you must advancecloserto develop your leadership qualities.

(1421)As we walked towards the tower, it looked like a towercloserecloserwith every step we take.

(1422)A torrecloserthe journalism building is where the campus newspaper is located.

(1423)curvedcloseryour laptop can cause neck and back pain, sit in a comfortable position.

(1424)The defense lawyer asked to accuse his client in a court of lawcloserto your residence.

(1425)Some people emigrate to becloserto family members who already live in another country.

(1426)Some people emigrate to becloserfor family members who have already moved to a new country.

(1427)Some people emigrate to becloserto a particular religious community or spiritual practice.

(1428)The lightning was awesomecloserecloser, and the thunder was getting louder and louder.

(1429)Grabbed the collar of the opponent's shirt and pulled himcloser, ready to throw a punch.

(1430)He works hard and saves his money, every paycheck brings himcloserto your financial goals.

(1431)The hunter spotted a group of wild turkeys in the clearing, so he crawledcloserand took aim.

(1432)She tried to distance herself from him, but the more she tried,closerhe seemed to understand.

(1433)The blue shift in the sunset color indicates that it is gettingcloserto the horizon.

(1434)The child was fascinated with the cows and tried to grab the fence to get one.closerto look.

(1435)As I seek to deepen my faith, I pray for understanding andcloserrelationship with God.

(1436)The last few laps of the race were tiring, but I managed to get aheadcloserto the finish line.

(1437)My rabbit tends to snuggle up against the magazine I'm holding, trying to get acloserto look.

(1438)The stories in the anecdote were successful at the family meeting, bringing everyoneclosertogether.

(1439)The conciliatory attitude of the mediator helped bring the two sides closercloserto a resolution.

(1440)The student housed in a dormitory during his college years to becloserto his classes.

(1441)Let's hold the hotel for now and see if we can get a better deal.closerto our travel dates.

(1442)Taking every opportunity, I advancecloserto expand my knowledge and skills.

(1443)The music festival turned into a riot as the crowd surged tocloserto the stage.

(1444)The banshees' screams echoed through the forest, and the hunters knew they were gettingcloser.

(1445)The cord on my electric kettle is too short to reach the socket, so I have to move it.closer.

(1446)The excitement of studying abroad began to emerge with the arrival of the departure date.closer.

(1447)To become a successful scientist, you must advancecloserfor carrying out innovative research.

(1448)A torrecloserto the psychology building is where the campus counseling center is located.

(1449)How the storm clouds drewcloser, we knew it was time to seek shelter from the impending rain.

(1450)OcloserI looked at the painting, the more I appreciated the artist's attention to detail.

(1451)The blue shift in the plane's sound suggests it is gettingcloserto the airport.

(1452)The tour guide asked the tourists to gather in front of the museum exhibition for acloserto look.

(1453)The diver decided to submerge among the coral reefs to get acloserlook out for marine life.

(1454)The child leaned towards the TV screen to get acloserlook at the cartoon characters.

(1455)He was known for keeping secrets, but eventually he opened up to me and we becamecloser.

(1456)Stay strong and remember that every step you take brings youcloserto your destination.

(1457)Construction worker had to get upcloserto the edge of the roof to install the tiles.

(1458)He was excited about the increase in seniority, as it meant he was one step closer.closerto a promotion.

(1459)The lioness patiently waited for her prey to comecloserbefore heading straight for the attack.

(1460)The stevedore had to use a rope to pull the bollard and pull the shipcloserto the pier.

(1461)If you park in the customer's space, it will becloserto the store and you won't have to walk as far.

(1462)The climber cautiously advancedclosertoward the edge of the mountain, checking every foothold.

(1463)The hard work and dedication of the team helped them move forwardcloserto the project finish line.

(1464)The detective found a clue in the form of a gray feather, leading himcloserto the culprit.

(1465)The company decided to store its productscloserto your customers for faster delivery.

(1466)The music festival was chaos with crowds pushing and shoving to getcloserto the stage.

(1467)The blue shift in the rainbow color indicates that it is gettingcloserto the observer.

(1468)How the championships tiedcloser, athletes began to feel the weight of their expectations.

(1469)how we drawclosertowards the summit, the air became thinner and it became more difficult to breathe.

(1470)Although his chronological age is 10 years old, his developmental age iscloserthat of a 7-year-old child.

(1471)Even tired, they stayed talking all night and stayedcloserfriends.

(1472)How the enemy drewcloser, the howitzer crew prepared to unleash a barrage of deadly firepower.

(1473)The guest speaker asked the audience to bow to onecloserlook at the artifacts on display.

(1474)A torrecloserThe health sciences building is where the campus health clinic is located.

(1475)A torrecloserThe Foreign Languages ​​Building is where the campus language laboratory is located.

(1476)My little sister is excited about her birthday because it means she's one year oldcloserto growth.

(1477)Although we come from different backgrounds, our friendship has brought usclosertogether.

(1478)My colleague and I are going to apply for a transfer so that we can workcloserto our homes.

(1479)How the seal swamcloserby the sea, drew the attention of a group of onlookers.

(1480)With each step, the minstrel advancedcloserto center stage, ready to perform.

(1481)Office workers always park in the back row to drop off thecloservisitor vacancies.

(1482)The musician's impeccable performance helped her growcloserfor victory in music competition.

(1483)The deadline is approaching, but we are moving forward continuouslycloserto the finish line of this project.

(1484)The sound of the waves crashing against the shore became more vivid as wecloserto the beach.

(1485)The blue shift in the traffic cone color indicates that it is gettingcloserto the road.

(1486)The hiker spotted arvensis growing at the edge of the trail and stopped to have a look.closerto look.

(1487)The more I study, the morecloserI begin to understand the complexities of this scientific theory.

(1488)The two paintings may look alike, but at the same timecloserinspection, their styles are quite different.

(1489)The bug buzzed in my head and I tried to ignore it, but it just kept going.closerecloser.

(1490)Closer to the city center, traffic is more congested, but the landscape is more vibrant.

(1491)The environmentalists wanted to camp at the top of the forest for acloserlook at the ecosystem.

(1492)She admired the frames in the shop window, so she decided to go in and have a look.closerto look.

(1493)The football team was advancingcloserinto the end zone, and the crowd was on its feet cheering.

(1494)The fire was a frightening experience, but it brought the university communityclosertogether.

(1495)Beating Your Opponent in a Mother Game Can I Help You Getcloserto the finish line.

(1496)The photographer used a chasing horse to obtaincloserto wildlife without scaring them.

(1497)Some people emigrate to becloserto a specific hobby or interest, such as surfing or skiing.

(1498)We had a deep conversation about our fears and insecurities, and it brought usclosertogether.

(1499)The release date of the new video game is comingcloser, I can go crazy with anxiety.

(1500)I noticed lint in the corner of the garden, and aboutcloserinspection, I found a hidden path.

(1501)The team's strategy is to focus on each game and take a stepcloserto reach the championship.

(1502)The storm clouds beyond were movingcloser, bringing with it strong winds and heavy rains.

(1503)to get acloserlook at a painting, art enthusiasts look through the lens of a magnifying glass.

(1504)The reunion with my long-lost cousin was a fluke that brought our family together.closertogether.

(1505)Megamouths are often found in deep water, but have been known to comecloserto the beach at night.

(1506)By setting realistic goals, I move forwardcloserachieve academic and personal success.

(1507)Ocloserwe reached the end of the year, the more reflective I become about the last 12 months.

(1508)The two actors had never worked together before, but their supporting roles brought them together.closer.

(1509)I always feel a sense of wonder when I see the towercloserat the main entrance of the university.

(1510)Some people emigrate to becloserto a specific natural environment or climate that you prefer.

(1511)The detective knew that the suspect's flimsy alibi would not hold up undercloserscrutiny.

(1512)Ocean currents bring plankton to spawncloserto the coast during certain times of the year.

(1513)The boat moved slowlyclosertowards the edge of the waterfall, the passengers holding on tight.

(1514)The captain ordered the crew to lower the pinnacle into the water for acloserlook at the island.

(1515)I learned my lesson after incurring an overdraft fee and now keep acloserlook at my account.

(1516)She always carried her lorgnettes with her to the theater, just in case she needed one.closerto look.

(1517)As the deadline for the project arrivedcloser, we work longer and longer hours to finish on time.

(1518)Cords were too short to reach the socket so we had to move furniturecloserto the wall.

(1519)My printer cable is too short to reach my computer so I have to move themclosertogether.

(1520)I could hear the ghoul's footsteps gettingcloser, so I prepared my weapon and prepared to attack.

(1521)advancingcloserall the way to the finish line, runners picked up the pace and pushed harder.

(1522)The shape of the object was indistinct, but when she managed tocloser, she realized it was a bird's nest.

(1523)The amount of scholarship opportunities available seemed to dwindle as Icloserthe graduation.

(1524)Flay for your graduate applications and you're one step awaycloserfor the career of your dreams.

(1525)The ship sailed through the cloud of fog, and the captain knew they were coming.closerland.

(1526)I spotted an antelope in the distance, so I grabbed my binoculars and tried to get acloserto look.

(1527)Hunting and poaching can invade habitats of endangered species, pushing themcloserto extinction.

(1528)Ancient civilization believed that looking at the sun would bring themcloserto their gods.

(1529)The creature had a mammalian appearance, but at the same timecloserinspection, it was actually a marsupial.

(1530)When collaborating with colleagues on group projects, Icloserto improve my teamwork skills.

(1531)If you want to beclosersports facilities, you should go close to the sports complex.

(1532)The kindred connection between my father and his wife's family brought us allclosertogether.

(1533)As the archway's light flickered, casting eerie shadows on the walls, the group huddled together.closertogether.

(1534)We had to work together to execute the adagio routine, but it brought uscloseras a team.

(1535)Jack marveled at the size of the giant's furniture and couldn't resist taking a look.closerto look.

(1536)OcloserWhen we get to the deadline, the more stressed I am and the less productive I feel.

(1537)When I'm homesick, I reach for the memories of my family and friends to feelcloserfor them.

(1538)The fact that they both love the same book was predetermined and brought them together.closertogether.

(1539)Students were advancingcloserfor graduation, and they couldn't wait to start their new careers.

(1540)A torrecloserthe social science building is where the campus political science club meets.

(1541)Unlike my previous dorm, my new living arrangements are muchcloserto campus and more convenient.

(1542)The team has advanced in its research and iscloserto find a cure for Alzheimer's disease.

(1543)Ocloserwe get to the end of the semester, the more stressed I am about my final exams.

(1544)Although I love my job, the long commute bothers me and I'm thinking about movingcloserto work.

(1545)She couldn't understand what he was saying over the loud music, so she leaned in.closerto hear it.

(1546)The bird flew onto a branch, out of reach, and we had to use binoculars to get a close look.closerto look.

(1547)Sorry, but I can't hear you very well. Would you please hold the receivercloserto your mouth?

(1548)The bear stood on its hind legs and began to rearcloserto the hiker, who slowly walked away.

(1549)The sound of cheering began to increase in intensity as the game progressed.closeruntil the end.

(1550)The political candidate's last speech helped him advancecloserto victory in the next elections.

(1551)The football team's strong defense allowed them to advancecloserto victory in the championship game.

(1552)If you add up the hours you spend commuting, it might be worth considering switchingcloserto campus.

(1553)The teacher asked the students to lean over their desks to pick up acloserlook in the microscope.

(1554)The mountain was a place of challenge and triumph, with each step bringing uscloserto the top

(1555)I hate how long it takes to go to work everyday but I can't afford to livecloserto my work.

(1556)Despite the warning signs, tourists voiced their desire tocloserto wild animals.

(1557)When the sun started to go down, we knew we werecloserto our destination and our excitement grew.

(1558)The physician asked the patient to lean forward toward the examining table for acloserexam.

(1559)The sound of footsteps could be heard gettingcloserwhen a figure began to materialize near the door.

(1560)The horse began to rearcloserto the fence, causing the rider to quickly pull on the reins.

(1561)The retired couple moved to the countryside to beclosergrandchildren and enjoy the fresh air.

(1562)The ancient Egyptians believed that kneeling to the east would bring themcloserto their gods.

(1563)The final phases of the project are the most critical, but we are moving forwardcloserto the finish line.

(1564)Automatic gatecloserensured that the door always closed securely without any manual effort.

(1565)Taking advantage of study abroad opportunities, I advancecloserto experience different cultures.

(1566)The blue shift in the police siren frequency indicates that it is gettingcloserfor the scene.

(1567)how we drawcloserall the way to the finish line, I could feel my heart pounding with excitement and adrenaline.

(1568)As the evidence mounted, Cohle began to suspect that the killer wascloserthan anyone had realised.

(1569)The global network brought peopleclosertogether, and also exposed the cultural differences.

(1570)Echinococcosis is more common in rural areas where people haveclosercontact with infected animals.

(1571)To increase the intensity of your push-ups, lean forward and lower your chestcloserfor the ground.

(1572)The traveling student will be living with relativescloserto campus to save on transportation costs.

(1573)Some people emigrate to becloserto a specific community or cultural group with which they identify.

(1574)Although the divider was meant to divide the room, it actually brought the familyclosertogether.

(1575)I could feel the tension in my arms as I pulled the dock to bring the boat in.closerto the pier.

(1576)It's time to pull back the curtain and take a lookcloserlook at the inner workings of this organization.

(1577)The venue's stage manager instructed the crew to move the backlinescloserto the front of the stage.

(1578)When attending a lecture, look around to see if there are seats available.closerfoward.

(1579)When I'm homesick, sometimes I go outside and howl at the moon to feelcloserfor my family.

(1580)She is trying to develop acloserrelationship with her family, so she is planning a family vacation.

(1581)Residual memories of their childhood brought themclosertogether, and they reminisced for hours.

(1582)The tradition of family dinners was ingrained in their culture and brought themclosertogether.

(1583)They worked together to pay off their joint credit card debt and it brought them together.closeras a couple.

(1584)Although the partition was to divide the room, it ended up bringing the familyclosertogether.

(1585)Some students prefer to explore destinationscloserhome, such as national parks or nearby towns.

(1586)He was chasing the fugitive across state lines, and he was gettingcloserwith each passing day.

(1587)The devastation wrought by wildfires is heartbreaking, but it has brought communitiesclosertogether.

(1588)Reading old letters can ease the nostalgia and make you feelcloserto loved ones who have passed away.

(1589)The cult leader would be maimed by a distorted belief that this would bring themcloserto your divinity.

(1590)Crane operator had to step backcloserto the building to lift heavy equipment to the top floor.

(1591)The field line of the electric field is strongercloserto the charged and weaker object further away.

(1592)In fact, the car looked brand new, but at thecloserinspection, they found several dents and scratches.

(1593)After one semester at my current school, I decided to transfer to a schoolcloserfor home.

(1594)Despite the warning signs, the careless hiker continued to venturecloserto the incinerating volcano.

(1595)The more I learned about the subject, the morecloserI came to understand its complexities and nuances.

(1596)At first glance, the painting appeared to be a replica, but uponcloserinspection, it was an original.

(Video) Using Gerunds as Subjects and Objects of a sentence

(1597)Despite the cloud over their friendship, they managed to reconcile and even each other out.closerthan before.

(1598)The celebrity's sudden appearance sent fans into a frenzy to getcloser.

(1599)Embracing forgiveness is a sign of strength, not weakness, and it can bring uscloserfor those we love.

(1600)The diver decided to submerge adjacent to the coral reef to obtain acloserlook out for marine life.

(1601)The team's perseverance and teamwork allowed them to move forwardcloserto the finish line of the competition.

(1602)The show turned into a riot as the fans started pushing and shoving to getcloserto the stage.

(1603)If you are in a lecture and cannot see the board, wave at the teacher and ask him to movecloser.

(1604)The sailor didn't take long when he saw a whale in the distance, they sailedcloserto see better.

(1605)Grief can bring familiesclosertogether as they support each other through the grieving process.

(1606)As the days grewcloserfor the wedding, the bride became increasingly nervous about the ceremony.

(1607)Although I have sensitive skin, I find that using a multi-blade razor gives me aclosershave.

(1608)How did the concert attractcloser, fan hysteria reached a peak and security had to be increased.

(1609)My fiance and I are discussing a prenuptial agreement and it's actually bringing usclosertogether.

(1610)I could see the windmill on the horizon, indicating that we were approaching.closerto the field.

(1611)I saw a beautiful flower in the garden and I couldn't resist going to her to pick one.closerto look.

(1612)The physician asked the patient to lean forward on the examining table for acloserlook at their backs.

(1613)At first glance, the painting looked like a masterpiece, but thencloserinspection, it was a forgery.

(1614)The little girl pressed her nose against the pet store window to get acloserlook at the puppies.

(1615)I am thinking of transferring enrollment to a universitycloserhomework, or maybe even an online program.

(1616)The agrarian lifestyle is often associated with a slower pace of life and acloserconnection with nature.

(1617)The doctor recommended a colposcopy to obtain acloserlook at the cervix and she agreed to the procedure.

(1618)As the school of fish swam by, the diver instinctively dove among them to get acloserto look.

(1619)The diver was startled when a school of fish passed by and he unexpectedly dove in to catch one.closerto look.

(1620)The practice of maintaining godliness can bring uscloserto God and strengthen our relationship with Him.

(1621)The spacecraft slowly approached Saturn and the captain instructed the crew to comecloserto the planet.

(1622)The jewels in the window gleamed with fascination, tempting shoppers to come.closerand take a look.

(1623)It can be tempting to park in acloserlocation, but it is always better to park in the designated parking lot.

(1624)As the night cooled, the fireplaces burned brighter and guests gatheredclosertogether for the heat.

(1625)Talking enviously about someone's professional success won't bring youcloserfor your own goals, work hard instead.

(1626)Death can be a difficult and painful experience, but it can also bring usclosertogether as a community.

(1627)Despite the fact that we were gettingcloserto our destination, we still had a long journey ahead of us.

(1628)As the deadline endedcloser, I worked harder and harder, but I still couldn't finish the project in time.

(1629)Although I was hesitant at first, I ended up growingcloserto my new co-workers and I started to like my work.

(1630)She couldn't help but feel a sense of relief as she drewcloserat the end of the long and tiring race.

(1631)OcloserAs the holidays arrive, I am more excited to spend time with family and friends.

(1632)I'm planning a trip to the observatory next month so I can get acloserlook at Saturn and its moons.

(1633)The two friends reconciled over their past disagreements and becamecloserthan ever.

(1634)The hiker cautiously advancedclosertowards the edge of the cliff for a better view of the valley below.

(1635)The art gallery displayed a mural of a famous painting to give visitors aclosersee details.

(1636)The deserted beach was haunted by a ghostly figure, and the curious tourist decided to take a walk.closerto look.

(1637)How the spy crawledcloser, they could hear the sound of muffled whispers coming from the other room.

(1638)The birth of the child brought the coupleclosertogether, and they became more committed to each other.

(1639)The ghostly figure in the cemetery seemed to be calling uscloser, but we knew better not to get close.

(1640)The company decided to move its headquarters to a new location, which wascloserto your target market.

(1641)As the deadline for the project approachescloser, find myself working longer hours to ensure its completion.

(1642)The couple had a pleasant conversation about their past experiences, which brought themclosertogether.

(1643)Since I started using online banking, I've been able to keep acloserI look at my checking account activity.

(1644)while we movecloserOn time, I am becoming more and more anxious to finish the project on time.

(1645)The advancement of technology has revolutionized the way we communicate and brought peopleclosertogether.

(1646)The romantic movie was able to take the couple away from their fights and bring themclosertogether.

(1647)while i drawclosertoward the finish line, I feel a rush of adrenaline and push harder to cross it first.

(1648)The truth is that he was never very interested in her, he just used her to getcloserfor your friend.

(1649)The new office location iscloserfor my house, which is a great benefit in addition to the pay raise.

(1650)The spacecraft's trajectory was adjusted to obtaincloserto Saturn and conduct a gravity assist manoeuvre.

(1651)If you are in a noisy environment, try holding the receivercloserto your ear to block out any distractions.

(1652)The paid job wascloserto the building, so I decided to park there instead of the farther free spaces.

(1653)The painting looked impressive at first glance, but thencloserinspection, it was deceptively talentless.

(1654)Muslims believe that engaging in jehads can bring themcloserto God and earn them rewards in the afterlife.

(1655)My girlfriend and I share a love of adventure, and our adventures have brought us even more.closertogether.

(1656)The memories of the two friends intertwined, bringing themclosertogether as they reminisced about the past.

(1657)The premium on the regular parking permit allows you to park in reserved spacescloserto campus buildings.

(1658)Although parking was expensive, we decided to park in the lot because it wascloserto the event.

(1659)Despite our differences, we found ourselves growingcloseras we worked together to achieve our common goal.

(1660)Oclosercorrelation coefficients are 1 or -1, the stronger the relationship between the variables.

(1661)As the bonfire flickered in the distance, the travelers knew they were gettingcloserto your destination.

(1662)OcloserAs we reach the summit, the more challenging the climb becomes, but the more rewarding the view.

(1663)give acloserlook around Saturn and you'll see that its rings are made of countless individual particles.

(1664)The final exam is approaching and I am determined to move forward.closerto the finish line with each study session.

(1665)The music festival turned into a donnybrook as fans started pushing and shoving to getcloserto the stage.

(1666)The carnival prank used mirrors to distort the image of the prize, making it appearcloserthan it really was.

(1667)The relationship was languishing due to lack of communication, but a heart-to-heart talk brought them together.closer.

(1668)Although we were gettingcloserby the end of the movie, I still couldn't figure out how it was going to end.

(1669)Whether you're shooting wildlife or sports, a teleconverter can be a game changer to getcloserthe action.

(1670)When the show started, the crowd rushed to the stage, eager to get acloserlook for your favorite artist.

(1671)Despite the challenges, many families find that home schooling allows for acloserbond between parents and children.

(1672)The cannibal tribe believed that eating the flesh of their ancestors would bring themcloserto their spirits.

(1673)The planet Pluto has a highly elliptical orbit, which means that it sometimes comescloserto the sun than Neptune.

(1674)The crunch of gravel as I drove down the dirt road was a sign that I was gettingcloserto my destiny.

(1675)The mirage was a cruel trick, making them think they werecloserto their destiny than they really were.

(1676)As the city skyline loomed over the horizon, travelers knew they were arriving.closerto your destination.

(1677)Although we had been friends for years, it wasn't until we took a trip together that we really becamecloser.

(1678)Despite his constant complaints about the long commute, he refused to consider moving.closerto your workplace.

(1679)The painting on the wall resembles a famous work of art, but at the same timecloserinspection, it is a clever imitation.

(1680)The warmth of the campfire on a cold November night is a welcome comfort and brings people together.closertogether.

(1681)as we arrivedcloserBy the end of the year, we need to start planning for the next fiscal year and setting new goals.

(1682)How the killer crawledcloserto his target, he drew his dagger from its scabbard, ready to strike at any moment.

(1683)The artist sketched Saturn in the distance, but he wanted to comecloserto the planet to capture its true essence.

(1684)The family's ritualization of their holiday traditions brought themclosertogether and created lasting memories.

(1685)Some people believe that flogging can bring themcloserto God, while others see it as a form of self-harm.

(1686)advancingcloseruntil the finish line, the marathon runner felt a rush of adrenaline when he saw the cheering crowd.

(1687)How the ghouls crawledcloser, the villagers huddled together, praying that their makeshift barricades would hold.

(1688)They hoped that, over time, their relationship would strengthen and they would becomecloserthan ever.

(1689)She couldn't understand what he was saying over the loud music, so she leaned in.closerto hear you better.

(1690)The commandments are not just a set of rules, but a way of life that brings uscloserto God and to each other.

(1691)The commute to work was becoming unbearable, so he decided to ditch the suburban life and movecloserto your work.

(1692)The space enthusiast dreamed of one day being able to comecloserto Saturn and explore its mysteries firsthand.

(1693)The craziness of the crowd at the concert was intense, with fans screaming and pushing each other to getcloserto the stage.

(1694)Communitas is a reminder that we are all connected and that our shared experiences can bring usclosertogether.

(1695)Jesus Christ's message of salvation has the power to transform lives and move peoplecloserto God.

(1696)We waited patiently for the ibex to comecloser, and eventually it did, allowing us to take some amazing photos.

(1697)While some people believe that flogging can bring themcloserto God, others see it as a form of self-harm.

(1698)Needle up and adjust needle position if need to sewcloseror farther from the edge of the fabric.

(1699)I will look for a new apartment that iscloserto my workplace because I am tired of commuting for hours every day.

(1700)The sound of the whale's song was so mesmerizing that the diver instinctively dove in.closerto hear better.

(1701)Pray for revival in your workplace so that you can be a witness to your colleagues and bring themcloserto God.

(1702)The CEO's desire to becloserto the family led to the decision to move the headquarters to a different region.

(1703)The highest scoring team in the tournament faced the underdog, but the game wascloserthan expected.

(1704)Hyperion's orbit is highly eccentric, meaning that it iscloserand furthest from Saturn during its journey.

(1705)Some people emigrate to becloserto a specific community or group of people who share your interests or values.

(1706)He strengthened his relationship with his father by spending more time with him, and now they have acloserconnection.

(1707)Despite the warning signs, the curious child went upstairs to get acloserlook at the construction site.

(1708)As the gabfest continued, I couldn't help but notice how muchcloserI was becoming with my new group of friends.

(1709)Although the trauma of birth can be a traumatic experience, many parents find that it brings themcloserto their son.

(1710)Due to their friendship, they managed to overcome the challenges they faced and became even morecloser.

(1711)We've been through a lot together during this production, but my castmates and I have growncloserbecause of that.

(1712)Her mother-in-law's harsh words soured her relationship with her husband instead of bringing them together.closer.

(1713)The roller coaster started to risecloserto the top of the track, causing screams of emotion from the pilots.

(1714)To keep things simple, I always park in the same spot at the supermarket instead of looking for one.closerver.

(1715)I'm thinking of renting a warehousecloserto my house so I don't have to drive that far to access my belongings.

(1716)On the surface, the situation seemed simple, butcloserinspection, there were many complexities to consider.

(1717)The storm was gettingcloser, so we decided to drive further inland, away from the coast, where it would be safer.

(1718)The adverse situation of a family member's illness brought the familyclosertogether and strengthened their bond.

(1719)My teacher had to make some changes to her classroom during her pregnancy, like moving her deskcloserto the door.

(1720)The planet Venus has a thick atmosphere that traps heat, making it hotter than Mercury, which iscloserin the sun.

(1721)The artist's abstract painting was not immediately apprehensible, but at the same timecloserinspection, its meaning became clear.

(1722)The sound of footsteps gettingcloserecloserit made my heart race, and I knew I was about to go crazy with fear.

(1723)Although the two products look similar, onecloserthe comparison reveals significant differences in quality and price.

(1724)Whenever my boyfriend and I go on vacation, we always try new things, and that brings usclosertogether as a couple.

(1725)She couldn't hear the acoustic performance because of the chatter from the audience, so she movedcloserto the stage.

(1726)like a drifting boatcloserdown to the beach, passengers could see the colorful buildings of the picturesque seaside town.

(1727)The team celebrates their victory by going out for a night on the town, which brings themclosertogether as a group.

(1728)The long commute to work was uncomfortable, so I decided to movecloserto the office, but the rent was too expensive.

(1729)The two paintings may look similar at first glance, butcloserinspection, they differ in style and technique.

(1730)The Catholicization of local customs and traditions was seen as a way of bringing the community closercloserto the church.

(1731)The politician's speech was deceptively convincing, but at the same timecloserinspection, it was full of lies and half-truths.

(1732)The echo of our footsteps bounced off the hollow walls of the tunnel and we knew we were coming.closeruntil the end.

(1733)The dropout rate for students who travel long distances is many times higher than for those who livecloserto campus.

(1734)I want to see Saturn's rings up close, said the photographer, urging his assistant to comecloserto the planet.

(1735)Birdwatchers were delighted to see the rare bird species, but disappointed that they were unable tocloserfor them.

(1736)The house was superficially clean, but at the same timecloserinspection, it was clear that it had not been properly maintained.

(1737)The politician's speech was deceptively convincing, but at the same timecloserexam, it was full of lies and half-truths.

(1738)Parents were advised to give legal custody of their child to a relative who livedcloserto the child's school.

(1739)The end of the semester is near and I'm determined to move forwardcloserto the finish line with each completed task.

(1740)Superficially, the painting looks like a masterpiece, but at thecloserinspection, it is clear that it is a fake.

(1741)The devastating loss galvanized the family, and they becamecloserthan ever, enjoying every moment together.

(1742)She felt a sense of dread as she drewcloserinto the haunted house, knowing that something sinister awaited her inside.

(1743)As they worked together to achieve their goals, the brotherhood became even morecloser, and their bond grew stronger.

(1744)as we arrivedcloserFor retirement, we need to start thinking about our financial plans and how we want to spend our time.

(1745)The small details of the painting often went unnoticed, butcloserinspection, they were quite intricate.

(1746)The jackolantern, which was sculpted by a group of friends, was a collaborative effort that brought themclosertogether.

(1747)The lantern flame danced in the night, casting a warm glow on our faces, and we huddled together.closertogether to keep warm.

(1748)While the superficial analysis of the data did not show significant changes, acloserlook revealed some important trends.

(1749)The dilapidated old house belied the fact that it was actually a historic landmark, so we decided to take a walk around.closerto look.

(1750)The storm was gettingcloserand the only way to escape was to ride towards the precipice and jump into the river below.

(1751)Macroscopically, the painting appeared flawless, but at thecloserUpon inspection, there were several small cracks in the paintwork.

(1752)Despite the danger, thrill seekers could not resistcloserinto the fireball, and ended up getting burned.

(1753)How the clock tickedcloserat midnight, she could feel crazed with anticipation for the New Year's Eve party.

(1754)The parking attendant directed me to a spot at the back of the lot, but I didn't care because it wascloserfor the exit.

(1755)Although it was a difficult decision, the couple decided to trade their dream home to staycloserthe family.

(1756)The bounty hunter knew he was gettingcloserto his target when he found a trail of discarded weapons and clothing.

(1757)The politician's speech was deceptively convincing, but at the same timecloserinspection, it was full of half-truths and lies.

(1758)At first glance, the politician's speech seemed inspiring, but whencloserexam, was full of empty promises.

(1759)Theopathy is often associated with mystical or ecstatic experiences that are believed to bring individualscloserto God.

(1760)Coveting someone else's opportunities or experiences is unproductive and will bring nocloserto its own objectives.

(1761)The love between the couple was so strong that it could knock down any obstacle in its path; also brought themclosertogether.

(1762)My grandmother used to sit on the porch every morning and watch the sunrise, and now I do the same to feelcloserto her.

(1763)The show had a top ticket price of $100, but some fans were willing to pay double that amount to getcloserseats.

(1764)While the superficial analysis of the data did not show significant changes, acloserlook revealed some interesting trends.

(1765)By choosing to study abroad in a locationcloserback home, you can reduce the emissions associated with air travel.

(1766)While some people believe that flogging can bring themcloserto God, others see it as a form of religious extremism.

(1767)Although I'm gettingcloserto achieve my goals, I still have a long way to go before I can consider myself successful.

(1768)taking acloserlook, I realized that the painting was actually a forgery, and not worth the high price I paid for it.

(1769)Despite the challenges they faced, the couple found fulfillment in their relationship, which brought them together.closertogether.

(1770)The artist's work seemed simple at first glance, butcloserinspection revealed a complex and intricate design.

(1771)She felt a sense of nostalgia as she drewcloserto his childhood home, recalling the fond memories of his youth.

(1772)The sun dance is a profound and transformative experience that can bring peoplecloserto your true self and the divine.

(1773)Kavi was happy to have a new job but was worried about the long commute, which made him think about movingcloserto work.

(1774)The statue in the park seemed motionless, butcloserinspection, it was actually swaying slightly in the wind.

(1775)At first glance, the house looked perfect, but whencloserinspection, we noticed several flaws that needed to be corrected.

(1776)The alien spacecraft hovered over Saturn, and the extraterrestrial beings beckoned the humans to comecloserto the planet.

(1777)Upon completing her glute bridges, she felt a sense of accomplishment and knew she was one step closer.closerfor your fitness goals.

(1778)While some argue that technology is making us more isolated, others believe that it is actually bringing us closer together.closertogether.

(1779)Advances in medical technology are bringing uscloserfor a cure that could replace insulin deficiency in people with diabetes.

(1780)As we drove through the countryside we saw a herd of cows grazing in the distance and slowed down for a spin.closerto look.

(1781)Coveting someone's popularity or social status is a waste of energy and won't bring you any.closerto its own objectives.

(1782)Although she was hesitant at first, Sarah's benevolence towards her needy neighbor finally brought them together.closertogether.

(1783)Both paintings may look similar to the untrained eye, but onecloserglance reveals distinct differences in style and technique.

(1784)Although adjustments were made to the car's engine, it still didn't work well and the mechanic had to overhaul it.closerto look.

(1785)The politician's promises seemed too good to be true, and at the same timecloserOn inspection, they were revealed to be nothing but bunk.

(1786)The celebrity's unexpected arrival stunned fans, making them rush forward with enthusiasm to get one.closerto look.

(1787)As the days passed, the deadline for the project approachedcloserecloser, and we knew we had to work quickly to finish on time.

(1788)Even though the prank was a total failure, everyone involved laughed a lot and it brought themclosertogether.

(1789)Despite the captain's warnings, the sailors decided to sailcloserto the coast to get a better view of the stunning coastline.

(1790)The artist's work seemed easy at first glance, butcloserinspection, revealed intricate details and hidden meanings.

(1791)The two paintings may look similar at first glance, butcloserinspection, we can contrast and compare your unique styles.

(1792)She was grateful when her boyfriend gave her his sweatshirt to wear, which smelled like his cologne and made her feelcloserfor him.

(1793)Over the years, the couple grewcloser, as they faced many challenges together and came out of it stronger.

(1794)As the sun began to set, we continued to battle it out on the court, with each Duke bringing uscloseruntil the end of the game.

(1795)The children looked in wonder at the image of Saturn on the screen and begged the teacher to let them come.closerto the planet.

(1796)Though hesitant at first, Tom decided to be baptized with his wife, and they both feltcloserto each other and to God.

(1797)Banshees wailed in the distance and villagers huddled together in fear, hoping the creatures wouldn't appear.closer.

(1798)OcloserAs we get to the election, the more heated the debates become and the more important it is to stay informed and engaged.

(1799)The astronaut floated in space, mesmerized by the beauty of Saturn, and whispered to himself, I want to comecloserto the planet.

(1800)The patient's erotomania was so severe that he quit his job and moved across the country to becloserto her imaginary lover.

(1801)The dark alley was illuminated by a ghostly light, and the detective knew he was gettingcloserto the source of the mystery.

(1802)As soon as hunters spotted the tracks of the elusive white-tailed deer, they knew they were beingcloserto its prey.

(1803)It was a coincidence that we both got lost in the same city, but it was also a bonding experience that brought usclosertogether.

(1804)Despite the blurb's claim that the product was all-natural, acloserlooking at the ingredients revealed several synthetic additives.

(1805)Although I was hesitant at first, I decided to startcloserto my neighbor and offer my help, and we ended up becoming good friends.

(1806)The scientist was fascinated by Saturn's unique characteristics and asked his colleagues to comecloserto the planet to study it better.

(1807)The law of large numbers suggests that the more times an event is repeated,closerthe results will be for the expected result.

(1808)The politician's speech was deceptively persuasive, but at the same timecloserexam, was full of logical fallacies and false claims.

(1809)Though the garden looked wild and untamed, onecloserlooking revealed a hidden symmetry in the placement of the plants and flowers.

(1810)How the clock tickedclosermidnight, I could feel myself going crazy with anticipation, but I knew I had to stay calm and focused.

(1811)She felt a sense of anticipation as she drewcloserto the amusement park, looking forward to riding the roller coasters and other attractions.

(1812)Although I wanted to leave earlier, I stayed longer because I wanted tocloserto my colleagues and build stronger relationships.

(1813)The dragonfly hovered over the pond, waiting for its prey to comecloserbefore it could fly in and catch him with the speed of light.

(1814)The climber left a footprint in the snow as he climbed higher and higher, and he knew he was gettingcloserto the top

(1815)Through forgiveness and open communication, the brothers were able to mend their relationship and becomecloserthan ever.

(1816)Three people were waiting for the bus, but they decided to walk to the store because it wascloserand they needed to buy groceries.

(1817)The detective followed the suspect's movements through the city streets and knew he was beingcloserto pick it up.

(1818)While the superficial similarities between the two products were striking, onecloserexamination revealed significant differences.

(1819)The two bedrooms were separated in terms of location, one of them beingcloserto the main campus and the farther one.

(1820)The subtle differences between the two paintings were difficult to discern at first, but became more apparent as time went on.closerinspection.

(1821)The team's ability to work together and communicate effectively will contribute to their success by bringing themcloserto your objective.

(1822)As the researcher collected a sample of the water, she noticed a strange substance floating in it, so she took acloserto look.

(1823)After finishing my graduation I plan to transfer to a universitycloserback home, but I will miss the friends I made at my current school.

(1824)As Fern looked out the window, she noticed a beautiful fern growing in the garden below and couldn't resist taking a look.closerto look.

(1825)The bright light from the lighthouse lit up the dark night sky, and the rescuers knew they were coming.closerfor stranded climbers.

(1826)The artist's abstract painting was not immediately apprehensible, but at the same timecloserinspection, the viewer can discern its hidden meaning.

(1827)After careful consideration, I have made the decision to transfer enrollment to a schoolcloserfor home to becloserfor my family.

(1828)Despite preferring to live in a house, I decided to rent an apartment because it was cheaper, and it wascloserto my workplace.

(1829)As the end of the world approachescloser, people begin to realize the importance of living in the present moment and valuing each day.

(1830)the cat advancedcloserto the mouse, eyes fixed on its prey, as the mouse trembled in fear, knowing it was about to be caught.

(1831)The fake designer handbags looked so real that even experts were fooled, butcloserinspection, the flaws were obvious.

(1832)The pilot maneuvered the spacecraftcloserto Saturn, and the passengers were stunned when they finally arrivedcloserto the planet.

(1833)Pura is a place of pilgrimage for many Balinese Hindus, who believe that visiting these temples can bring themcloserto the divine.

(1834)Whenever a cheetah spots a potential meal, it crouches to the ground and slowly advances.closeruntil it is within striking distance.

(1835)The blur of colors and shapes on the screen seemed chaotic at first, but thencloserinspection, the painting revealed a hidden message.

(1836)As I walked through the woods, I spotted a deer grazing in the meadow and I knew I had to be quiet if I wanted to.closer.

(1837)Deceptively, the painting appeared to be a simple landscape, butcloserinspection, it was full of symbols and hidden meanings.

(1838)The orange butterfly gracefully flapped its wings and landed on a nearby flower, but flew away as soon as I tried to catch it.closer.

(1839)Although he was tired from the long commute to work, he didn't have the money to move.closer, so he had to put up with it, but it affected his health.

(1840)Although the abstract sculpture seems chaotic at first sight, whencloserinspection, one can discern a sense of order and balance.

(1841)Although I love my current apartment, I'm thinking of moving to another neighborhood to staycloserto my work and have access to more amenities.

(1842)Although the connection between the two incidents was not immediately apparent, onecloserexamination of the evidence revealed a common thread.

(1843)As the end of the world approachescloser, people are beginning to realize the importance of coming together and working towards a common goal.

(1844)The positive side of the pandemic was that it brought familiesclosertogether, and people learned to appreciate the little things in life.

(1845)The artist's painting portrayed a beautiful landscape, but at the same timecloserInspection, one can see the subtle signs of destruction and decay.

(1846)the couple wanted to becloserfor family and friends, so they decided to abandon their suburban home and move to a more central location.

(1847)The artist's work has often been dismissed as shallow and lacking in depth, butcloserexamination revealed layers of meaning and complexity.

(1848)While some people believe that cellular technology is making us more isolated, others argue that it is actually bringing us closer together.closertogether.

(1849)The input word was listed as a synonym for another word, butcloserinspection, I noticed that they had subtle differences in meaning.

(1850)The fruit looked fresh and juicy, butcloserinspection, we realized that it was inedible because it had started to rot and it smelled bad.

(1851)The nebular hypothesis predicts that the planetscloserin the sun they will be rocky and smaller, while those farther away will be gaseous and larger.

(1852)The confusion between the two brothers started when one broke the other's favorite toy, but they eventually reconciled and becamecloserthan ever.

(1853)As the storm approached, I grabbed my binoculars to get a close-up view.closerlook at the lightning, and I was struck by the intricate patterns in the sky.

(1854)The hunter saw the footprint and knew he was gettingcloserfor his prey, but he also knew he had to be careful not to startle her.

(1855)Although I memorized the cookbook, I still burned the dish, so I need to paycloserPay attention to cooking time and temperature.

(1856)At first glance, the painting looked like a beautiful landscape, but whencloserexamination, we noticed several symbols and hidden meanings.

(1857)After spending hours on the phone with customer service, Tom realized he had done poorly and was notcloserto solve his problem.

(1858)The font size in the presentation was too small, so I had to sitcloserto the screen to see, but the speaker's message was still impactful.

(1859)Cancer can be a transformative experience, but it can also take peopleclosertogether and inspire them to make positive changes in their lives.

(1860)Although the two cars may look similar, oneclosercomparing their features reveals significant differences in performance and safety ratings.

(1861)As we drove down the winding road, we caught a glimpse of the ocean through the palm trees, and I knew we were coming.closerto our destination.

(1862)Goz was excited to start his new job, but soon realized that the commute was too long, so he decided to look for something.closerfor home.

(1863)advancingcloserin fact, the detective pieced together the clues, while the suspect tried to cover his tracks and avoid getting caught.

(1864)While some argue that social media has brought peopleclosertogether, others debate that it actually created more division and polarization.

(1865)Although it was a difficult decision, the couple decided to trade their dream home for a smaller one.closerto your children's school.

(1866)While some people argue that communication technology has made us more isolated, others believe that it has actually brought us together.closertogether.

(1867)The irregular ice crystals formed intricate patterns on the windowpane, and the children pressed their noses against the glass to get a close-up view.closerto look.

(1868)The teacher's dedication to her students and passion for teaching will contribute to their academic success, bringing themcloserto your dreams.

(1869)The detective uncovered a crucial piece of evidence that linked the suspect to the crime, and he knew he was one step away.closerto solve the case.

(1870)For choice, I am considering two different apartments, one that iscloserto my workplace and another one that has a bigger room and a balcony.

(1871)While some people prefer to live at the front of the house to staycloserto the action, others prefer the peace and quiet of the back of the house.

(1872)As Izayoi walked through the park, she noticed the beautiful flowers blooming in the garden and couldn't help but stop to take a look.closerto look.

(1873)As I was walking down the street, I saw my friend who had just shaved his head and waved at me, but I didn't recognize him until hecloser.

(1874)As the negotiations entered their final phase, the diplomat worked tirelessly to fill in the remaining gaps and bring both sides together.closertogether.

(1875)It's a race against time, but if you can beat the clock and finish your work before the deadline, you're one step away.closerto achieve its objectives.

(1876)The artist's abstract painting was not immediately apprehensible, but at the same timecloserInspection, the layers of color and texture revealed a deeper meaning.

(1877)She pretended to be interested in him like a hunting horse to getcloserto her wealthy family, but it backfires when she falls in love with him.

(1878)After I finish my degree, I intend to move to Europe and live there for a few years, but I will return to the United States eventually to becloserfor my family.

(1879)The bin was located in a secluded corner of the parking lot, so it was often overlooked by smokers who preferred to smokecloserto the building.

(1880)Although the flagellant's actions were seen as extreme by many, he believed they were necessary to cleanse his soul and bring him back to health.closerto God.

(1881)The sailors were exhausted after days at sea, but the dark spot on the horizon gave them hope that they were making it.closerto your destination.

(1882)Creatures that live in the ocean are often elusive, but they are also fascinating to watch, and many people enjoy diving to get an insight.closerto look.

(1883)The nun, who dedicated her life to serving the poor, prayed fervently every day and believed that her devotion would bring hercloserto God.

(1884)Though he tried to resist, the ocean's ineluctable pull drew him in.closerecloserto the beach, and he finally gave in and went for a swim.

(1885)The impetus for the decision to move was the need to becloserfamily, which became increasingly important to the couple as they grew older.

(1886)Although the company claimed in its advertisement that its product was environmentally friendly, acloserlook at the ingredients otherwise revealed.

(1887)While on the boat ride, the guide pointed out a pod of dolphins in the distance, and we all rushed to get our binoculars for acloserto look.

(1888)Although ocean salinity varies, it is generally higher in areascloserto the equator, and this can have a significant impact on marine life.

(1889)He always dreamed of having a ranch and, with his trusty cowboy hat on his head, he felt one step away fromcloserto make that dream come true.

(1890)The painting was deceptively realistic, butcloserinspection, it revealed a surreal, dreamlike quality that was both unsettling and fascinating.

(1891)Selling the house was a difficult decision, but we knew we needed to downsize and were hoping to find a smaller place.closerto downtown.

(1892)The recipe called for the cook to plow the dough for at least five minutes, but she found that it took longer.closerto ten to reach the desired consistency.

(1893)I am torn between two faculties, one iscloserhome, but the other one has a better reputation, so I need to weigh the pros and cons before making a decision.

(1894)The friends drifted apart over the years, but they were able to get together and reminisce about old times, which brought them together.closerthan ever.

(1895)The singer seemed to be lip-syncing, but at thecloserinspection, it was clear that she was actually singing live, and her voice was simply impeccable.

(1896)The committee's decision to reject the proposal appeared arbitrary, but at the same timecloserinspection, it was clear that there were valid reasons for his decision.

(1897)As the frog hopped across the grass, its eye caught the attention of a hungry snake, which slithered away.closerecloseruntil it was within striking distance.

(1898)How the ghoul crawledcloser, the young woman's heart raced with fear, but she gathered her courage and faced the monster, refusing to be its next victim.

(1899)The abandoned house had a hollow bottom and gave the impression of being haunted, butcloserinspection, it was just the result of years of neglect.

(1900)How the clock tickscloseruntil judgment day, many people are filled with regret for the things they have done wrong and pray for forgiveness and mercy.

(1901)I hate waiting at baggage claim, but it's always a relief to see my bag slide down the conveyor belt and know I'm just a step away.closerto my destiny.

(1902)advancingcloserto the finish line, the runners were determined to give it their all, but they knew they had a long way to go before they could claim victory.

(1903)The refractive properties of water can cause objects to appearcloseror further away than they really are, which can be dangerous for swimmers and boaters.

(1904)While some people believe that social media brought usclosertogether, others argue that it has created new divisions and conflicts that we must face.

(1905)When a gas is compressed, its molecules are forcedclosertogether, which increases the frequency of collisions and the pressure, according to kinetic theory.

(1906)The family was over the moon when they finally found their lost dog after weeks of searching, but they knew they had to keep acloserlook out for him in the future.

(1907)Although the steppe may appear barren and lifeless at first glance, acloserone look reveals a thriving ecosystem that is home to a wide variety of flora and fauna.

(1908)While the superficial similarities between the two products were striking, onecloserexamination revealed significant differences in quality and performance.

(1909)While some might argue that social media has brought peoplecloserTaken together, the antithesis of this statement is the rise of cyberbullying and online harassment.

(1910)While some people believe that technology is making us more isolated, others argue that it is actually bringing us closer together.closertogether, contrary to popular belief.

(1911)The gardener was surprised to find a petal flower among the colorful flowers, butcloserUpon inspection, she realized that it was a rare and valuable specimen.

(1912)While the birth defect has been a significant challenge for the family, it has also brought themclosertogether and strengthened their bonds of love and resilience.

(1913)While the concept of artificial intelligence has been around for decades, recent advances in machine learning have brought itcloserto reality than ever before.

(1914)As Hyperion continues to orbit Saturn, it will eventually be pulledcloserfor the planet and may even collide with one of its largest moons in the distant future.

(1915)Although the painting appeared flat at first glance, uponcloserinspection revealed a dimensional quality that added depth and complexity to the composition.

(1916)How the ghoul crawledcloser, the young woman's heart raced with fear, but she gathered her courage and faced the monster, surprising everyone with her bravery.

(1917)Though the fireballs were terrifying, some thrill seekers couldn't resist the temptation tocloserand take pictures, risking their lives for the perfect shot.

(1918)Although it may take longer, you can still memorize it by watching a foreign language movie without subtitles as you will be forced to paycloserattention to dialogue.

(1919)The artist used a variety of colors to create a painting that looked homogeneous from a distance, butcloserinspection, revealed intricate details and textures.

(1920)The two cars were parked side by side and, from a distance, they looked indistinguishable, butcloserUpon inspection, one had a dent on the side that the other did not.

(1921)Despite feeling emotional and vulnerable, she decided to take the risk and share her deepest fears and insecurities with her partner, and this brought them out.closertogether.

(1922)Although the two paintings may appear similar at first glance, oneclosercomparing their techniques and brushstrokes reveals distinct differences in style and execution.

(1923)How did the electioncloser, tensions rose between the two candidates and their supporters became increasingly vocal, but in the end it was the voters who had the final say.

(1924)As the forester examined the soil samples, he noticed something unusual, so he took acloserlook, and he discovered a new type of fungus that had never been seen before.

(1925)The family had lived in the house for many years and they had fond memories of it, but they decided it was time to downsize and move to a smaller house.closerto your children.

(1926)The neighborhood watch program, which was initiated by a group of concerned citizens, has been very effective in reducing crime and has brought the communityclosertogether.

(1927)Koizumi has been a vocal supporter of the US-Japan alliance and has called forclosercooperation between the two countries on issues such as trade and security.

(1928)The policeman used electrical tape to delimit the crime scene, but onlookers still triedclosersee, so additional officers were called in to keep order.

(1929)While Benton was cooking dinner, he accidentally burned the chicken, so had to order takeout, but made a mental note to pay.closerwatch out for the stove next time.

(1930)Although he had never been interested in jewelry before, he was drawn to the eye-catching watches in the shop window and couldn't resist going in to have a look.closerto look.

(1931)Go, go, go, he whispered to himself, as he tried to push through the pain and fatigue of his training, knowing that every step he took brought himcloserfor your fitness goals.

(1932)Although the horizon was obscured by thick clouds, we could still see the outline of the mountains in the distance and we knew we were coming.closerto our destination.

(1933)Some people believe that eroticism is a powerful force that can drive peopleclosertogether and enhance their relationships, while others see this as a destructive and divisive influence.

(1934)Despite the many challenges of cancer care, patients and their families often find that the experience brings themclosertogether and strengthens their bonds of love and support.

(1935)The sound engineer adjusted the microphone volume, but it still wasn't loud enough, so the singer had to stepcloserinto the microphone, and the audience could finally hear her clearly.

(1936)She was torn between two options: on the one hand, she could accept the job offer and move to a new city, but on the other hand, she could stay in her current job and becloserfor her family.

(1937)Although the hijacking was a terrifying experience for everyone on board, it eventually brought the passengersclosertogether and strengthened their resolve to fight terrorism.

(1938)Although the two paintings look similar at first glance, onecloserexamination revealed a number of subtle nuances that set them apart, from the brushstrokes to the use of light and shadow.

(1939)The driver announced that we could board in five minutes, but the passengers waiting on the platform were already getting restless, and some were struggling to getcloserthe doors.

(1940)After hours of trekking through dense forest, the exhausted hikers finally heard the rumble of a waterfall in the distance, giving them hope that they were coming.closerto your destination.

(1941)Despite facing a US-backed Bay of Pigs invasion, Fidel Castro managed to repel the attack and strengthen his power, but this also led to acloseralliance with the Soviet Union.

(1942)Despite the dealer's insistence that the car was in excellent condition, the customer noticed numerous scratches and dents.closerinspection, so they decided to look for a different vehicle.

(1943)While some people argue that social media brings peopleclosertogether, the antithesis of this argument is that it often creates a false sense of connection and can lead to feelings of isolation.

(1944)Whether we choose to embrace our fates or fight them, we must remember that our lives are a journey and every step we take has the potential to guide us.closerto our ultimate purpose.

(1945)When Lapadite was first discovered, it was mistaken for a lesser-known gemstone, but aftercloserinspection, its unique properties were revealed and it quickly gained popularity among gemstone collectors.

(1946)When he heard the news that he had been accepted to the college of his dreams, he felt a rush of joy and relief, knowing that all of his hard work had paid off and that he was one step closer.closerto achieve its objectives.

(1947)While it is true that technology has revolutionized many aspects of modern life, the generalization that it has made us more isolated and disconnected ignores the ways in which it has also brought usclosertogether.

(1948)Despite having already completed two years at the current college, Jack decided to transfer his enrollment to another school in order to be able tocloserfor his family, and he was grateful for the opportunity to do so.

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Learning English faster through complete sentences with "Closer"

Sentences are everywhere.
Without sentences, language doesn't really work.

When you started learning English, you might have memorized words likeMeaning in English of the word "Closer"; But now that you have a better understanding of the language, there's a better way tolearn the meaning of "Closer" through example sentences.

True, there are still words that you do not know. But if you learnWhole sentences with "Closer", instead of the word "Closer" alone, you can learn it much faster!

Focus your English learning on sentences with "Closer".

Why is focus on sentences important?
Phrases are more than just strings of words. They are thoughts, ideas and stories. Just as letters build words, words build sentences. Sentences build language and give it personality.

Again, without sentences, there is no real communication. If you were just reading words right now, you wouldn't be able to understand what I'm saying to you.

- The word "Closer" in example sentences.
- "Closer" in one sentence.
- How to use "Closer" in a sentence.
- 10 examples of "Closer" sentences.
- 20 examples of simple "Closer" sentences.

All parts of speech in English are used to form sentences. All sentences include two parts: the subject and the verb (also known as the predicate). The subject is the person or thing that does something or that is described in the sentence. The verb is the action that the person or thing performs or the description of the person or thing. If a sentence does not have a subject and a verb, it is not a complete sentence (for example, in the sentence “Went to bed,” we don't know who went to bed).

Four types of sentence structure.

Simple Phrases like "Closer"

A simple sentence with "Closer"contains a subject and a verb, and can also have an object and modifiers. However, it contains only one independent clause.

Compound sentences with "closer"

A sentence composed with "Closer"contains at least two independent clauses. These two independent clauses can be combined with a comma and a coordinating conjunction or with a semicolon.

Complex sentences with "Closer"

A complex sentence with "Closer"contains at least one independent clause and at least one dependent clause. Dependent clauses can refer to the subject (who, which), the sequence/time (since, while) or the causal elements (because, if) of the independent clause.

(Video) Adverbs of Frequency - The Position in a Sentence

Complex-Compound Sentences with "Closer"

Sentence types can also be combined. Acompound-complex phrase with "Closer"contains at least two independent clauses and at least one dependent clause.


How do you use closer in a sentence? ›

1. She wrapped her shawl closer about her. 2. Take a closer look at it.

How do you use close enough in a sentence? ›

Sentence examples for but close enough from inspiring English sources
  1. But close enough to hear. ...
  2. (Congressman, but close enough). ...
  3. It was not Manhattan but close enough. ...
  4. Not exactly neighbors, but close enough. ...
  5. It wasn't quite as alleged, but close enough. ...
  6. (Actually, it was "game theory," but close enough).

How do you use when in a short sentence? ›

[M] [T] I'm going to talk to Tom when he comes home. [M] [T] When a child, I used to go fishing with him. [M] [T] He was robbed when coming home late at night. [M] [T] I don't know for certain when he will arrive.

How do you use one step closer in a sentence? ›

One step closer on a long journey towards healing. It was one step closer. "Regardless, we're one step closer. Tonight she just came one step closer.

How do you write closer? ›

Closer and closure are two words that are close in spelling and pronunciation, but have different meanings. Closer, pronounced with a “z” sound, is often confused with the word closure.

What can I say instead of closer? ›

Synonyms of closer
  • near.
  • this.
  • front.
  • hither.
  • nigher.
  • fore.
  • inside.
  • forward.

What is the meaning of close enough? ›

(-Is this the right size?) -Close enough: (-Is this the right size?) -Nearly, more or less, it's adequately or sufficiently close.

What does close to enough mean? ›

DEFINITIONS1. almost exactly. It is near enough an exact copy of the dress she wore in the film. Synonyms and related words.

What are 4 sentences with enough? ›

[M] [T] He had barely enough to eat. [M] [T] She isn't good enough for him. [M] [T] He is old enough to drive a car. [M] [T] He is old enough to travel alone.

Why sentence examples? ›

He asked me why I wanted to leave the job. I wonder why he told nobody he was getting married.

When can I use in in a sentence? ›

IN Use in when something is located inside of a defined space. It could be a flat space, like a yard, or a three-dimensional space, like a box, house, or car. The space does not need to be closed on all sides (“There is water IN the glass”).

What is a short way to write example? ›

In writing, it is often abbreviated as e.g. and used to introduce an example or series of examples.

How do you use closer to home in a sentence? ›

The message the film conveyed struck so hard and so close to home that it moved me to tears.

What is a closer in grammar? ›

Closer is the second degree of the adjective close which represents something that is near to something or not far apart. Example: The lion got closer to the dear slowly. Closure as noun: As a noun, closure means the action of closing something.

What is the meaning of closer one? ›

: an escape that was almost not successful. That was a close one.

Is closer a verb or adjective? ›

Closer can be a noun or an adjective.

What is a closer skill? ›

A skill performed in a stable or largely predictable environmental setting. The movement patterns for closed skills can be planned in advance. Examples of closed skills are trampolining, golf swing, discus throwing, performing a handstand, diving from a platform or board.

What is the phonetic spelling of closer? ›

/klOhsUH/phonetic spelling.

Is more closer correct grammar? ›

You make the comparative by either preceding with the word “more” or adding a suffix “er” but not both. Therefore, “more close” is good, and “more closer” is bad.

Is it to get close or closer? ›

They are both acceptable.

Why is it called Close Enough? ›

The show's title has three meanings. Being close enough to everybody who you live with. Feeling like you're close enough to where you want to be with life. Being close enough to JG's previous work, Regular Show.

What does not Close Enough mean? ›

"If your pictures aren't good enough, you aren't close enough” is a standard photography maxim from the great photojournalist Robert Capa. The quote has been often cited over the years as motivation to go where others have not, be it closer to front lines or investigating personal spaces.

How long is Close Enough? ›

Close Enough
Running time22–24 minutes
Production companyCartoon Network Studios
Original networkHBO Max
15 more rows

What is a word for nearly enough? ›

Very close to, but not quite. pushing. roughly. almost. nearly.

What does close enough for comfort mean? ›

: close enough to make a person feel nervous, worried, or upset. That bus came a little too close for comfort!

What does enough in a sentence mean? ›

Enough means as much as you need or as much as is necessary. They had enough cash for a one-way ticket. There aren't enough tents to shelter them all. Enough is also an adverb. I was old enough to work and earn money.

What part of sentence is enough? ›

Enough is a determiner, a pronoun or an adverb. We use enough to mean 'as much as we need or want'.

What is a sentence for too and enough? ›

I don't have enough time to get everything done. I think the test was too difficult. There is too much salt in this soup!

What are the 5 things for a sentence? ›

Five things sentences needed are: subject (noun), verb, capital letters, punctuation and finally must make sense. A simple, eye-catching reminder.

How do sentences work? ›

A sentence is a group of words that express a complete thought. In English, a simple sentence is made up of a subject + a verb + possibly an object. This sentence structure is sometimes represented as SVO.

Why are short sentences good? ›

It is easy for the audience to understand your storyline when your sentences are short. When your sentences are short, readers can understand the narrative quicker. They avoid confusing verb tenses and can scan each statement without breaking their train of thought.

What are the most common sentence types? ›

A declarative sentence is the most common type of sentence in the English language. Sentences written in the declarative form are written in the present tense and usually end with a period. Normally, the subject comes before the verb.

What is at in grammar? ›

At is a preposition. We use at to refer to time or place. We also use it to refer to activities.

What are the 10 examples of preposition in a sentence? ›

Examples of Simple Prepositions
  • He sat on the chair.
  • There is some milk in the fridge.
  • She was hiding under the table.
  • The cat jumped off the counter.
  • Barry drove over the bridge.
  • Matilde lost her ring at the beach.
  • The book belongs to Anthony.
  • They were sitting by the tree.

Is it ex or ex? ›

The correct abbreviation for “for example” is e.g., not “ex.” “Ex” is sometimes used in informal language, but it's best to avoid it, since this abbreviation can be confused with other uses of “ex,” such as its use to mean “former” in a term like “ex-boyfriend.”

What does A & E stand for? ›

A and E stands for A&E which means 'Accident and emergency'. It is for serious injuries and life-threatening emergencies only. It is also known as the Emergency Department (ED), Emergency Room (ER) or Casualty.

What does IG means? ›

In texting, "IG" also means "I guess" or "Instagram." If you're texting someone and they're not quite sure how they feel, they may respond with "IG." Whenever you're messaging about something social media-related (like followers, likes, and Instagram Live videos), they're most likely referring to Instagram.

How do you use close and closed in a sentence? ›

As a verb to close means to shut. For example: At the beginning of the performance the ushers close all the doors. Closed is an adjective that means not open. For example: The doors were closed.

How do you use close and shut in a sentence? ›

You can shut a door / window / suitcase, or you can close a door / window /suitcase. The shops shut / close at 8 pm. Mr Bean couldn't shut / close the suitcase.

What does the phrase closer mean? ›

1. someone or something that closes. 2. a person adept at completing a business deal, an assignment, etc. successfully.

What does close or closer mean? ›

Definitions of closer. adverb. (comparative of `near' or `close') within a shorter distance. “come closer, my dear!” synonyms: nearer, nigher.

What does getting closer mean? ›

In most contexts you can use come closer or get closer, and come nearer or get nearer to talk about people or things approaching someone or something. The swarm of bees was coming closer and closer. As the day of the wedding got closer, she became more and more excited.

What does closer with you mean? ›

It can mean that someone or something is physically closer to the person being spoken to. For example, "I'm moving closer to you so we can see each other more often." It can also mean that someone is emotionally or mentally closer to the person being spoken to.

Is it right to say more closer? ›

You make the comparative by either preceding with the word “more” or adding a suffix “er” but not both. Therefore, “more close” is good, and “more closer” is bad.

Why does close have two meanings? ›

What Are the Two Meanings of Close? The term “close” can mean many different things. The two most common definitions for the word refer to proximity and the state of something not being open. It can mean a near space or time and often refers to a time when something will happen.

What does closer in time mean? ›

It means that the person will call again at a later date, when the date/time of the event is closer.

How do you get closer with someone? ›

5 ways to make your friendships closer
  1. Create a foundation of security (hint: Answer that text) Before we can attempt closeness, we need to have security. ...
  2. Pay close attention. ...
  3. Let yourself be known. ...
  4. Take your friends on a test drive. ...
  5. Accept that closeness isn't one-size-fits-all.
Nov 24, 2019

Why is closer important? ›

A closer is generally a team's best reliever and designated to pitch the last few outs of games when his team is leading by a margin of three runs or fewer.


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